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  1. Lacy&Buttercup

    What to use instead of towels?

    I buy a pack of 50 adult sized dog pads, brand name- "On Your Own", from Wal-Mart for under $13. I use them alot. One almost every day to serve their veggies on in addition to under my newspaper.
  2. Lacy&Buttercup

    Litter pan under the hay rack

    I made a litter pan out of extra coroplast also and put it under the hay rack. I've put newspaper in it. I tried shavings but they tracked it all over the fleece with their little feet. I'm thinking of trying Yesterday's News in it. I also took out their other litter box to give them more room...
  3. Lacy&Buttercup

    Mattress Pads

    Well, I've got the hand vac. I love it! My mattress pads came yesterday. They are so thin! Are they usually thin? I've never seen a mattress pad in all my 35 years. I've decided to sew my fleece to the pads. My question: Since they're thin, should I sew two pads together? Thanks for any answers!
  4. Lacy&Buttercup

    Mattress Pads

    It was. I went to the thrift store today and only found one for $8.99. The layers and sewing were coming apart. Call me crazy but I just won a bid on Ebay. I got two new twins for $13.76 total. Next step, buying a hand vacuum.
  5. Lacy&Buttercup

    Mattress Pads

    Thank you both! I think I'll try to find two twins. Wow, $.50, sure beats $13! Skipping off to the thrift store...
  6. Lacy&Buttercup

    Mattress Pads

    Hi everyone! I have just changed to fleece tonight. I'm so excited. I'm using puppy pads, oodles of newspaper, several thick beach towels then fleece. I haven't bought mattress pads yet because I don't know what size to buy. Wal-Mart has some on clearance, online, in twin and full. All crib...
  7. Lacy&Buttercup

    Pros And Cons Of Kiln Dried Aspen

  8. Lacy&Buttercup

    Pros And Cons Of Kiln Dried Aspen

    I was using cedar shavings until I found this website. Now, I'm using aspen. I love it but it took three small bags from Wal-Mart for a total of $9 to fill my 2x4 . I called my local feed store and they have a 3 cubic foot bag of kiln dried pine for $4.89. I have no idea how big that is. Math...