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  1. 5 littlepiggies

    helloo (:

    Hey Lucy Welcome! You will learn a lot here. I like your piggies names. Fleece is so easy to transition to not to mention cheaper. My favorite thing about fleece is all the colors. Plus now that I have a sewing machine I keep coming up with projects. Right now i just make pee pads and dable with...
  2. 5 littlepiggies

    Hey!!! :)

    Welcome to the group. Sit stay and pick the brains of these long time experianced pig masters.
  3. 5 littlepiggies

    Hello from newbie

    Welcome to the forum. You should check out some of the prenancy threads so u know what to expect. I'm sorry your in such a perdicament. Read much and be a very informed cavy slave.
  4. 5 littlepiggies

    Hello. New here :)

    Welcome to club.this is by far the best place on the web to be. You will learn a lot. Glad tohave u around. Korey
  5. 5 littlepiggies

    New member. New piggies!

    Welcome to the forum. This is a great place to get a lot of great information and inspiration. Korey
  6. 5 littlepiggies

    Meet Winston & Rockii.

    So cute I love thier faces adn those guinie mouths are so expesive. Welcome to the fold I just checked in as well. Korey
  7. 5 littlepiggies

    Helloooo i'm finaly here.

    Wow that was cool I def can use these. Thanks.
  8. 5 littlepiggies

    Helloooo i'm finaly here.

    Thank you for the welcom I have been around here for a while just decided it was time to check.in. My cage is cool this time because of all Your awsome cages . So thanks for the help. My newest project now is no sew liners beds and lap pads. So any totorals that can be linked would be great...
  9. 5 littlepiggies

    Helloooo i'm finaly here.

    Oh I'm sure I will. With five pigs who else is going to understand me? And lend me advice?
  10. 5 littlepiggies

    Helloooo i'm finaly here.

    My story starts about 12yrs back. Iwas first intraduced to c&c cages when daughter was thinking about getting a rabbit or a GP. The rabbit won dispite my childhood pleedings for a weeker. We built a cage that was cool but I had limited creativity back then . Fast forward to nov of this year...