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  1. luvmyboyz

    Just became a father...

    I work at a customer service desk at a grocery store. I talk about my guys so much that even the customers come in and say " How are the piggies today? Did they do anything cute? " Anyway welcome, you and your guys will love it here.
  2. luvmyboyz

    Hi from Illinois

    Wow, I used to have family in Manteno. Sadly they have all passed on. We spent many happy times there. So no, you are not so far away.
  3. luvmyboyz

    Hi from Illinois

    Hi. What pretty girl`s. Welcome, you will love it here.
  4. luvmyboyz

    Introducing Rembrandt and Old Bean

    The cage is wonderful, I love the bent grid idea.
  5. luvmyboyz

    Introducing Rembrandt and Old Bean

    Welcome, I know you`ll love it here and your piggies will love you for finding this site. All four of my piggies where from a petstore, all had mites, one a URI, and one an ear infection. Sadly I lost two in less then a year and we miss them everyday. Two are doing well and I`ll never get...