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  1. WheekingPiggies

    Chewing Plastic Pigloo and Chewing

    My girls also chew on the entrances of their pigloos occasionally. If it's getting excessive, I'd recommend getting a wooden hidey house. I have one for my girls and they really like chewing at the corners and I know the wood is perfectly safe for them to chew. Another thing they really like to...
  2. WheekingPiggies

    Cage New cage for our boys

    I'm not sure how you were planning to make adjustments to the cage, but have you considered putting the two units side by side and removing the pannels that desperate them to make one large space? Here are some examples of this...
  3. WheekingPiggies

    C&C Valentine's Day already!

    Hey! It's wheekingpiggies from instagram! I absolutely love that heart garland. I wasn't actually going to do a Valentine's cage, but my mom bought me some cute Valentine's fleece and I have hundreds of pink toys and accessories, so I figured I might as well. I will be sure to let you know when...
  4. WheekingPiggies

    Cage My boars' current c&c cage!

    Nope, my Mocha's a full grown adult. I was so glad I was there, so we know she wasn't trapped for very long. It was just such an awful experience. Mocha was extremely freaked out and so was I.
  5. WheekingPiggies

    Cage My boars' current c&c cage!

    Just a word of caution, I had my pig get her neck stuck two times in one of Peewee's hay bags. The thin strip down the middle of the holes was tightly around her neck. I let PPP know about this and she's never had this happen in all the years she's been making them. I cut off the middle strip...
  6. WheekingPiggies

    C&C Cage is complete!

    Honestly, one of the nicest cages I've ever seen! So well done! You should be very proud. I adore the storage bins underneath. I bet your piggies are ecstatic!
  7. WheekingPiggies

    C&C New 2nd Story Cage

    Great job with the cage! I absolutely adore the fleece you have in it too!
  8. WheekingPiggies

    Cage Let's see your cage Pictures please.

    I haven't posted on here in ages, but here is my 2x4 C&C cage. I love the layout this week because it's so color coordinated. Mocha absolutely loves her fleece forest!
  9. WheekingPiggies

    Cage Let's see your cage Pictures please.

    I LOVE your cage! It is so colorful and it looks like the pigs have tons of things to keep them busy! The flower stickers and Christmas ornament garland are adorable! May I ask, who resides in the tank above?
  10. WheekingPiggies

    Cage Let's see your cage Pictures please.

    LOL! What does your family think of that? Love your Christmas cage, by the way!
  11. WheekingPiggies

    Cleaning What is the best way to clean wood houses and tunnels?

    I was just about to ask this question, so imagine my surprise when I logged onto the forum and found my question had just been answered! I'm so glad I don't have to throw away Spice's wooden house when the new piggy comes.
  12. WheekingPiggies

    Cleaning POLL: Do you like cleaning your piggies' cage?

    No, I really don't like the actual cleaning part. I also tend to procrastinate a lot with cleaning the cage, but I love to watch the piggies explore their new clean cage!
  13. WheekingPiggies

    Size 2x4s - PICTURES PLEASE!!!

    Here are some old pictures of my 2x4. The current design is a 2x4 w/ an L shaped loft ...Not the best displays of creative layout, but in my 2x4 I would usually have the kitchen area on one end, a tunnel in the middle, a house and cozy item at the other end, and a few toys scattered around. Now...
  14. WheekingPiggies

    C&C ideas on setup of kitchen

    Honestly, the layout of the kitchen is up to you. I would suggest making a hay rack out of a bent grid, so that the hay won't get peed on on the ground. Also, when you said: Do you mean an exercise wheel? Guinea pigs' backs do not bend the same way hamsters and other rodents do. Running on a...
  15. WheekingPiggies

    Cage Do you use pigloos for your guinea pigs?.

    My girls have had pigloos all their lives and adore them. I use an extra large one, which they sleep in every night. I also love that they are easy to clean.
  16. WheekingPiggies

    C&C Alternatives new home in progress!

    Your alternative cage is really creative and I hope your pigs enjoy all the extra space! The cartoon guinea pigs are a nice touch!
  17. WheekingPiggies

    C&C Alternatives Cage recommendation when C&C cage is too wide

    What about the Midwest cage? It states on Amazon that it is only 24 inches wide. Here's a link: Amazon.com: Midwest Interactive Guinea Habitat Plus: Pet Supplies
  18. WheekingPiggies

    C&C Finally!

    Yep, when I bought coroplast, the guy at the sign shop said a lot of people buy it to make guinea pig cages! :)
  19. WheekingPiggies

    C&C Girls are in heaven

    Me too! But anyway, I hope you and your girls enjoy their new palace! Your guinea pigs look so tiny!
  20. WheekingPiggies

    Upper Levels Support for the upper level

    I have the same L-shaped loft and I bought a PVC pipe and had it cut to size at Home Depot.