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  1. Pablosmummy

    UK Funky Fleece?

    Well is may not be too 'funky' but I bought a fleece big enough for a 3X4 in poundstretcher. Its red and got a cartoon dog on but it was only 2.99 so a bargain really. I'm also looking on ebay, if you look for the ones that are being bid on, not the buy it now ones then you can get some really...
  2. Pablosmummy

    UK Where to buy Cubes in UK

    B+Q are still saying they dont have any so I'm giving up on them. I'm probably going to buy from the eden shop (I think thats the one) they have them for about 30 I think so i'll have to pay that as I need to be prepared for when (if ever) the rescue centres have a suitable buddy for pablo...
  3. Pablosmummy

    UK Where to buy Cubes in UK

    I cant find them anywhere! well apart from online which is way more expensive then I think they are worth just because of postage. I went to B+Q. actually I've been to several B+Qs and looked but they didnt have any and when I asked they said they cant order them for me which seems to be not...