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  1. Disney Pigs


    Thanks for the concern. They don't seem to take very big bites at one time anyway. I figure if it was a problem, they wouldn't do it right? It's like us putting our hands on a hot stove, if it hurts, you'll learn. We hope!!
  2. Disney Pigs


    My guys and bunnies chew on willow baskets all the time. They chew on pine cones too for that matter. I wouldn't see any harm in it.
  3. Disney Pigs

    Baking Soda and Cavies

    I've read baking soda is bad in case they ingest it. I have heard alot of great things about Odorzout. It can be used as a laundry additive and they sell a pouch you can hang near they cage too.
  4. Disney Pigs

    Drafts and Pigs

    I've heard bricks work to keep them cool. Also you can get a soda bottle(12 or 20 oz size) fill with water and freeze. That way you can give them something cold to lay with and when it turns to water, refreeze it again. That trick works with bunnies too.
  5. Disney Pigs


    I've never had a problem. My bunnies, hamsters all chew on them. I've seen my piggies go after a fresh pinecone (a new unchewed one) over carrots. They need to keep their teeth filed down. What better way and it's free!!
  6. Disney Pigs


    My guys LOVE pinecones. It's a twofer. It gives them something to chew on as well as move it around.
  7. Disney Pigs


    That is until you get bored with your design and want to change it. HA!HA!HA! How many of us out there have changed our cages more times than we can count. I'm glad to hear it worked out for you in the end.
  8. Disney Pigs


    It truly depends on how big you want to make your cage. If you are only getting five grids and not five cubes, that is pricey. I get coroplast her for $11 a sheet ( white only). Target will probably be your best bet. I think they have them on sale this week. Either way you go, in the long...
  9. Disney Pigs

    cage location

    What is truly the best environment to keep guinea pig cages? I mean within the house not outside. What types of temperatures can they withstand? I know they don't like drafts, but does the pigloos or cozies help with that? I was thinking of relocating my cages but wasn't sure what types of...
  10. Disney Pigs

    Help Me Please

    My guys wouldn't use that type of ramp. I use irrigation tubing and zip tie it to the side of the cage to keep it still. My guys love it. Maybe because it's enclosed? Who knows.
  11. Disney Pigs

    Piggies and My Allergies

    My problem is mine is contact. Meaning I have mine on the skin. It affects my neck and one of my eye lids. I know it sounds wierd but it is just one eyelid. It comes and goes. I am thinking of an air purifier to see if that helps.
  12. Disney Pigs

    anyone selling cuddle cups/cozies?

    I sew them and they are easy to make and don't cost a fortune. If anyone is interested, feel free to email me and we can talk details.:cheerful:
  13. Disney Pigs

    Piggies and My Allergies

    I have bunnies and have used all sorts of hays and grasses. It wasn't until I started to get piggies that I noticed a problem. I do understand what you mean though.
  14. Disney Pigs

    Piggies and My Allergies

    I just switched to fleece. My guys are not potty trained. What is the easiest way to clean up the poop on a daily basis? How often should I change the fleece to keep the smell down?
  15. Disney Pigs

    Piggies and My Allergies

    Thanks for the info!! I'm going to try fleece. You did an amazing job on your cage!!
  16. Disney Pigs

    Piggies and My Allergies

    Are your guys potty trained? I've often wondered about fleece. Do you wash it or throw it away when soiled? How often do you change it? Your cage sounds great! Is it posted here in any of the photo galleries/ If fleece would work out, I'd look into it. Between my 3x5 cage with a 1 x 5...
  17. Disney Pigs

    Piggies and My Allergies

    I use a combination of aspen and carefresh. I have recently tried Hunt Club bedding.
  18. Disney Pigs

    Stupid ? regarding ramps

    I must have picky piggies. It doesn't matter what I use as a ramp, they won't use it. I finally switched to irrigation tubing(the big black ribbed tube with holes in it). Once I put that up, my guys went up and down all the time. It works well since you can use the holes to zip tie it to the...
  19. Disney Pigs

    Piggies and My Allergies

    I have allergies to my piggies too. Mine are contact allergies not sinus. I have used AllerPet-C to wipe my guys down with. It has helped I have also built up a tolerance to them as well. Try that.
  20. Disney Pigs

    Wire Hay Rack

    I used a bent grid as a hay rack and I had one get his little leg stuck in it. How he did that I'll never know. He broke his leg and I had to keep him confined to a very small portion of the cage to get it to heal. It did and he's all better. I have switched to an old wooden style cd holder...