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  1. SurfingPigs

    I'm knew! (I know that's not how you spell new.)

    I love your naming scheme and your gorgeous pigs!
  2. SurfingPigs

    Newbie here...please don't be mad.

    I forgot to add: we demand (kindly ;) ) more pictures! How dare you give us only a slight peek at Ozzy.
  3. SurfingPigs

    Newbie here...please don't be mad.

    Your pigs are so cute! Three boys must be a lot of antics and fun, I can only imagine all of the energy those three little ones have. I like the fleece too, cool choice. Oh, and people: Lets not derail (yet another) intro thread into (yet another) discussion about why buying from a pet store is...
  4. SurfingPigs

    Hello Everyone

    He is quite cute! Have you considered adopting a friend for him?
  5. SurfingPigs

    Hi ,this is Lola,Lucy,Daisy and Yeti

    I upload pictures to Photobucket (a free picture hosting site), and then copy and paste the "IMG" tag to here.
  6. SurfingPigs

    Hi ,this is Lola,Lucy,Daisy and Yeti

    I have a guinea pig named Yeti, too! You are my new best friend.
  7. SurfingPigs

    Hello.. Please Help

    Water down some lettuce and shove it through the same crack she got in through. I would put a little pile of fresh hay near the crack, too, and see if it lures her out of there.
  8. SurfingPigs

    Cruiser the guinea pig

    How about I give you a link to a page full of reasons why you should get your little one a friend and why he will thrive with one: Guinea Pigs Social Life
  9. SurfingPigs

    Hey Fellow Guinea Pig lovers!

    I would advise against adding anything to the water, especially Tang. Vitamin C degrades rapidly in water and sunlight and most of it will be gone before your pigs get any. Plus, changing the taste of their water could dissuade them from drinking it, which would be a big problem. If you are...
  10. SurfingPigs

    Introducing Sheldon!

    :eye-poppi He is such a handsome pig. Congrats on the addition! The bad part: now we have to wait for quarantine to be over for pictures of the introductions. PS: I love their names (and the show), too!
  11. SurfingPigs

    Hey Fellow Guinea Pig lovers!

    When I had a 2nd level and ramp my pigs refused to use the ramp until it had "rails" (half grid to prevent them from going over the edge) on it. They were even more apt to use it if it was covered, but they also would sleep and pee on the ramp if it was covered.
  12. SurfingPigs

    Welcome Barly

    Ah, I see. I suppose I made an assumption as well with the price. I've actually seen people try to rehome pigs for $150! But seriously, what a cute pig! It looks like Carliee enjoys her new roommate... how are they getting along today?
  13. SurfingPigs

    Welcome Barly

    Please don't take offense, this is not an attack on you or your cute pig. I'm not trying to derail this, but this needs to be said for those who think they are doing right by pigs by purchasing from a breeder: $40 only encourages them to continue breeding. Perhaps this pig won't be "producing...
  14. SurfingPigs

    New here with a question!

    First, thank you for adopting. Most guinea pigs like company, as cavies are herd creatures. There is always the exception to the rule but in general they do better with other guinea pigs around. I know that my solo pig became much more sociable when I got her a friend, and even more so with...
  15. SurfingPigs

    Introductions 4th day

    Let it happen. Introductions can be nerve racking, but as long as there is no blood, let them be. If Shelly incessantly bullies Quin and doesn't let her eat or drink then consider separating. However, what you are seeing is normal behavior of pigs establishing dominance. Read over the normal...
  16. SurfingPigs

    Ashli and V

    What a dashing little man, that blaze of orange by his eye is great.
  17. SurfingPigs

    Hellooo to all cavy-lovers!

    Wow, such pretty pigs.
  18. SurfingPigs

    New here, and new to guinea pigs

    Sarah is right... in general, multiple boars will fight in the presence of sows. I definitely wouldn't get them all neutered in hopes that they will all live with one sow peacfully. Another option would be to neuter just one of the boars and pair him with the sow.
  19. SurfingPigs

    Mommy of 5 handsome boys

    Thread title nailed it! That is a whole lot of hair. It must be so fun having all of those guys together.
  20. SurfingPigs

    Just Registered

    Welcome! And that is one heck of a cute pig! Looks just like my pig Yeti, but she has some cream coloring.