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  1. GusGusandOreo

    Fleece What to do with extra fleece?

    Good idea! I'll give that a try tomorrow. Any way to keep the hole open that would let them get in it? I haven't tried it yet but I feel like it might lay flat?
  2. GusGusandOreo

    Fleece What to do with extra fleece?

    So, I've accumulated quite of bit of fleece these past few days and I was wondering what I could do with the rest that I have left over. I'm thinking of making a fleece forest tomorrow. I've thought of making cozies for them to snuggle in but I have 0 ability to sew. I wish I did so I could make...
  3. GusGusandOreo

    Fleece Joanns Fleece sale + coupon - 3/24/12 only

    I got 3 yards of fleece and picked up a mini dust pan with brush for poop scooping for $14! I got the fleece in the 50% section and used my 25% off coupon in checkout!
  4. GusGusandOreo

    Fleece Joanns Fleece sale + coupon - 3/24/12 only

    Awesome! Thanks, I know where I'm going back to today! I was there yesterday and all the blizzard fleece was 50% off without the coupon!
  5. GusGusandOreo

    Fleece Question about fleece "wicking"

    Thanks guys. I put a little vinegar in with the wash cycle and it worked! Going to go buy some more fleece later on :)
  6. GusGusandOreo

    Fleece Question about fleece "wicking"

    I've washed and dried the fleece I purchased today 3 times. I've read up on it and how to do it so I'd say I'm doing it right. I tried pouring a little water on it so see if the water would go through the fleece but it just pools up on the top? Any help would be appreciated. I washed it in the...
  7. GusGusandOreo

    Bedding Stick with what I got or go fleece?

    We had bought the hay ball originally and didn't know any of the risks. Luckily, my boyfriend took it out because our piggies weren't getting much hay out of it. Poor piggies and risky products :(
  8. GusGusandOreo

    Fleece buying online

    I just recently bought some fleece from fabric.com as well. The prices seemed great so I went ahead with it! It's my first time using and buying fleece so all and all I'm happy! You can actually buy it on amazon, that's what I did and it comes from fabric.com.
  9. GusGusandOreo

    Cleaning Litterbox training?

    I started off by just putting some of their poop that was in the cage into the litter box. It kinda works, they do use it quite a bit but they still go to the bathroom in the hidey houses and such just as much.