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  1. GusGusandOreo

    Ramps I could use some ramp help!

    Yes, she said the ramp was a gift from someone who is handy with making things, which is why I posted a thread just in case anyone who might have made something similar.
  2. GusGusandOreo

    Ramps I could use some ramp help!

    Hi! So I was browsing the photo galleries and came across this ramp picture: And I would like to know if anyone has any tips, references, or ideas on how to make a ramp similar to this one. Any information you could offer is greatly appreciated :) Thank you!
  3. GusGusandOreo

    Sites- help please

    I've purchased from FuzziesKingdom.com and although it can get pretty expensive, I definitely recommend them. Their products are really high quality and their priority shipping costs only $1 more! Plus they give you free samples with every purchase!
  4. GusGusandOreo

    I made my own cozy sack and tunnel!!

    Cute! Well done, I want one now :)
  5. GusGusandOreo

    i was wondering what do people with many piggies use for hideys?

    Same here! I'm relatively new to the piggy world, about a month, and I'd say I have an addiction to decorating their cage! I'm always doing something, I want it to be perfect for them and this forum has helped out tremendously, thanks to everybody :) Edit: MissJean, I'm pretty sure I saw those...
  6. GusGusandOreo

    i was wondering what do people with many piggies use for hideys?

    Thanks, I'll have to check out Walmart tomorrow!
  7. GusGusandOreo

    i was wondering what do people with many piggies use for hideys?

    I've always liked your cabanas! Now I'm wondering, where do you buy plastic grids like that cause I would love to make one!
  8. GusGusandOreo

    Upper Levels Make upper level more sturdy?

    The 2x2's worked great. I just finished up my cage and the top level is sturdy as can be. Plus, it only cost me a little over 2$ :) Thank you lissie!
  9. GusGusandOreo

    Upper Levels Make upper level more sturdy?

    Thank you! That will be perfect. I didn't even think of putting them horizontally. I'll have to go pick up some 2x2's tomorrow!
  10. GusGusandOreo

    Upper Levels Make upper level more sturdy?

    Hello everybody! Today I think I finally settled on a design for my C&C. It's a 4x3 with a loft all the way around except right in the middle. I was curious on how I could make the top level more sturdy. I was thinking of using a closet rod and cutting it and zip tying it on to add support. I...
  11. GusGusandOreo

    I made these

    Very creative. I wish I had the ability to do that! They looks amazing, a lot better than my wire grid hay rack :)
  12. GusGusandOreo

    Litter Training Hanging out in the litter box

    Our guinea pigs do the same thing. They actually sleep in the litter corner sometimes, and it erks me because they're sleeping in their own POOP. I heard it's just normal and to clean it out as often as possible..
  13. GusGusandOreo

    C&C Patches & Comet's new "Piggie Palace"

    Thank you! I'll be giving that a try tomorrow! :)
  14. GusGusandOreo

    C&C Patches & Comet's new "Piggie Palace"

    Very nice, I like it a lot! I was thinking of doing the same thing to my cage tomorrow. But, it would be 4x3. When I was going over it in my head, I was wondering how sturdy it would be if I connected to two lofts with grids like you did. So, how sturdy is it? :)
  15. GusGusandOreo

    what to get for chew toys

    Anyone give their piggies timothy hay blocks? I'm not really sure how they make them so hard? My piggies both love them. Is there anything harmful in them?
  16. GusGusandOreo

    Stand ideas

    The first one would work great! It will surely be sturdy with that many grids underneath supporting it. The second one definitely looks a little sketchy so I wouldn't recommend that. Good luck :)
  17. GusGusandOreo

    C&C Pictures of cage

    We don't like the tiki hut either, it seemed to be a nice little luxury at first, being "100% edible" and such but now it has absorbed the urine and is stinky and we don't like it anymore. Going to get rid of it soon, after we find a replacement we like. :)
  18. GusGusandOreo

    Ramps whats a good thing to use as a ramp.

    Here's a link to some pictures of the way I changed my cage around. As you can see its a 2x4 in the front with 1x3 on the bottom and top :) https://www.guineapigcages.com/forum/about-cages/70700-pictures-cage.html
  19. GusGusandOreo

    C&C Pictures of cage

    Overall view. Gus Gus is on the left and Oreo on the right! Kitchen area. This is what I've come up with so far! Any suggestions?
  20. GusGusandOreo

    C&C is this safe or is it the target one that has the warning?

    Like some other threads have stated, another place you could look if you have them around you are Sears and Bed Bath and Beyond. I bought mine at Bed Bath and Beyond and I like them quite a bit. They have a few grids that come with it that have little clips on them to make a shelf if you used...