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  1. merrycat

    Bedding for Hamsters

    I dunno if this works for hamsters, but for mice potting soil (baked for a couple of hours at 250 farenheight) makes a really good substrate. They don't eat it, it controls odors beautifully, and they have tonnes of fun digging through it. But I'd wait for someone more familiar with hamsters to...
  2. merrycat

    Vinegar, safe for hamsters?

    In my experiene, if you rinse it out properly, and lingering vinegar just evaporates without a trace. And its incredibly effective ^^
  3. merrycat

    Ferrets ferrets?

    I think you might be able to make a C&C cage if you use the mesh grids? They can squeeze through pretty tight spaces so try to get the smallest grids you can find. As for ferrets and guinea pigs, I haven't read anything about that, but I wouldn't try it. Ferrets are predators and have, for a...
  4. merrycat

    Mesh Grid Hamster cage

    Awesome setup! That is one lucky hamster ^^ Lucky and adorable lol. If you lived here, I might have to steal her :p
  5. merrycat

    Other Soo Close... Mesh Woes

    Really? Argh.. the nearest Target that I know if is several hours drive away >< Oh well, one of these days mebbe we'll do a road trip lol.
  6. merrycat

    Other Soo Close... Mesh Woes

    I could try plexiglass, but I'm not sure where to find it. Actually, what I was thinking was to just use hardware cloth over the holes to shut it. And yeah,mebbe some kind wire to hold it. Our art supply store has plent of 12-46 gauge wire. I figure 16-18 gauge should be good.
  7. merrycat

    Other Soo Close... Mesh Woes

    Ah, okay, just checking. It's annoying that the other kind is discontinued. Oh well, at least now I won't be running all over looking for it lol Thanks again for your help! It's really helped me alot ^^
  8. merrycat

    Other Soo Close... Mesh Woes

    Just a quick question for you, standuprookie. Were the cubes you got like the ones in this picture: https://www.guineapigcages.com/photos/showphoto.php/photo/539/cat/531 ? With the wider spaces and the smaller corner holes? Because the ones I found at Linen'n'Things has a finer mesh and larger...
  9. merrycat

    Other Soo Close... Mesh Woes

    Are you sure? When I saw it at Linen'n'things, the mesh looked pretty fine to me. Then again, I don't know how wide the smallest zip tie is. Could be its skinnier than I think. My only worry is zip ties is that they're still plastic and if, by some rare chance, one mouse decides to nibble on...
  10. merrycat

    Other Soo Close... Mesh Woes

    Hmm... those binder clips do look like a good idea, but I'm wondering if mice, being smaller than rats, might not squeeze through anyway. Maybe not though. I guess we'd just have to try it. As for how to hold it together, I'm still doing my research. Any suggestions are more than welcome. Edit...
  11. merrycat

    Other Soo Close... Mesh Woes

    So, after searching high and low for those fine mesh grids for a mouse cage, I finally end up at a Linens'n'Things clear across the city. As I'm browsing their storage stuff, I find it! Grids with little diagonal mesh too tiny for little mousey toes and noses! But just as I'm about the head off...