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  1. nismosmama

    Veg*n veg :)

    I am Vegan....but not a perfect Vegan. somtimes I slip and will end up eating something with dairy or eggs. But not often, I just get right back on the Vegan train. Hopefully one day I can manage to be Vegan 100%.
  2. nismosmama

    The International Guinea Pig Adventure

    Yay! I just sent a PM to you, I should have come here first, hehe. I'm so glad he got there safe and sound! I tried to seat him in his travel vessel comfortably with all his cool new souveneirs :).
  3. nismosmama

    The Chronicles of Chalmette

    Chalmette, I'm so happy that you are doing so well with the lady :), sounds like you are having a good time. I reallly wish I lived closer to the lady and that i had a big house and not a tiny apartment, I would absolutely love having you live with me!
  4. nismosmama

    The International Guinea Pig Adventure

    Hi Everyone, I just wanted to post in here that Charlie made it safe and sound to Sunny San Diego CA last week :). Unfortunately he hasn't had that many adventures here since I've been so busy with work and school, but he has had a chance to meet and play with the furballs here ;). I posted a...
  5. nismosmama

    Charlie's Photo Journal

    Then Charlie spotted this little furball smaller than him running around and wanted to investigate...it was Bella the hamster! Bella was a little startled: Finally Charlie got to take a picture with me. Don't mind that I look a little scary, its late and I'm getting ready for bed, hehe...
  6. nismosmama

    Charlie's Photo Journal

    Then he got to hang out with Momo. Momo wasn't too sure about Charlie at first: Especially after Charlie wanted to try some pellets But finally Momo came around and decided to share with Charlie
  7. nismosmama

    Charlie's Photo Journal

    Charlie made it to California! He arrived in good condition :), he seems to be all healed and ready for some fun and relaxation in Sunny San Diego! Here are some pictures from his first night in San Diego: First Charlie met Dori. She wasn't too thrilled though, Dori says "hmph, another one...
  8. nismosmama

    Veg*n Would you?

    I probably still wouldn't eat them. I'm vegan and that would just completely go against the definition of being vegan. I was watching something on Animal Planet the other day where thousands of chickens were rescued from a natural disaster situation. Well hundreds went to a rescue. The...
  9. nismosmama

    other pets

    Yes! Besides my two crazy boys, I also have my two baby girls. Princess Bella the hamster And Queen Dori the rabbit
  10. nismosmama

    Are you seeing the new style?

    YES! I love it!
  11. nismosmama

    Veg*n Veggie Burger

    I don't know any recipes, but it would be cool to learn how to make them at home :)
  12. nismosmama

    Veg*n Throw away or eat?

    Yea its really tricky. Same thing goes for people who are Vegan and wonder if its ok to buy second hand leather items (clothes, furniture, etc.) Because if its second hand, that means you are not putting money into the industry, technically. But it comes down to a matter of choice and belief...
  13. nismosmama

    Veg*n Throw away or eat?

    I wouldn't have thought about it twice, because at this point just the thought of the flesh of a dead animal in my mouth is disgusting. To me its not really good reasoning to say, well I'll eat it so it doesn't go to waste. I feel like this is the same type of reasoning people use when...
  14. nismosmama

    Veg*n A turkey-free thanksgiving!

    I had my first turkey-free thanksgiving this year, and it was great :). I had the tofurky, and man was it YUMMY! I made mashed potatoes, have veggie gravy, had the corn and the peas and the pumpkin. I definitely did not miss the turkey :yuck:
  15. nismosmama

    Veg*n Dairy free cheese

    Ack! I"m so frustrated, I cannot seem to find Vegan cheese anywhere! Every single cheese I find that is supposed to be dairy free has SOME casinate in it, even if its just a small % like they say. I am desprately trying to find imitation Mozarella and Parmesan, and all of them have some...
  16. nismosmama

    Veg*n Vegetarians, I need help

    Hey everyone, well I am very proud to say that when I posted this original post, not long after that same day I decided I would go cold turkey. And now, almost 2 months later, I have not since touched a piece of meat :). In fact, I went vegan all together. Its been a little more challenging...
  17. nismosmama

    Veg*n Vegetarians, I need help

    The most traumatic things in my mind right now are seeing the video on the PETA site, giving 30 reasons on why to go veg. One part of the video shows a couple of large pigs hung upside down by their leg and squirming around and one of them slamming on he ground and being beaten and squealing in...
  18. nismosmama

    Veg*n Vegetarians, I need help

    WELL I made a big decision. I'm trying to go cold turkey now. today is my third day meatless, and you know what? the past 3 days have not been hard AT ALL! I mean, I know its only 3 days, hehe, so who knows how I'll feel in a week or three weeks or when holidays roll around. but so far so...
  19. nismosmama

    Veg*n Vegetarians, I need help

    I am a huge animal lover, and I am trying my best to do things within my means to help the cause for animals. I am volunteering at a Humane Society and giving my own animals the best life possible. However, in my journey to bettering the lives of animals, I have also decided I would like to also...
  20. nismosmama

    The International Guinea Pig Adventure

    Re: Idea - the international guinea pig adventure? I added myself to the list, I would love for Charlie to come visit Sunny San Diego! I'll show him a good time :)