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  1. NewToPiggies

    I will always Love you Nibbler

    I am doing okay. I went on a church camping trip the next day, I felt it was the best place for me and not at home moping around. Thanks for all your replies it is much apreciated =D
  2. NewToPiggies

    I will always Love you Nibbler

    Nibbler passed away tonight. As some of you know, He had his lymphnode removed due to Cervical Lymphadenitis. I just dont know what ill do anymore without my little cuttle bug , My darling Nibbler. I will always love you Nibbler and I hope your having fun with Victoria and Cinabun up there.
  3. NewToPiggies

    In loving memory of Victoria

    We lost our beloved family greyhound whom we had for 5 years. She was a retired racer and a champion in her sport. She died of unknown causes. I just want to say Victoria may your kisses be missed, Your welcomes be remebered, And your love for your family never be forgotten. We will miss you...
  4. NewToPiggies

    Gizmo is near death

    She sounds dehydrated to me she need a vet asap.
  5. NewToPiggies

    Rest In Peace Cinabun

    Today my mother lost her baby boy Cinabun ( Short for Cinammon) , He was only a few months old. He passed away from a URI with Dehdryation due to heat and the URI . So i must stress The IMPORTANCE of making sure your piggies are hydrated as it has started to warm up everywhere. Please say a...