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  1. LuisaSpike

    New Guinea Pig Owner And I Don't Know What I'm Doing

    Haha, I know exactly what you mean :). Just try to make your argument convincing and logical, and have a response to any counter argument she might put forward. Also, as for your roommate, well, I too have a friend who was absolutely terrified of my pigs the first time she saw them, but I...
  2. LuisaSpike

    Wilbur The Skinny Pig says Hello!

    I used to think they looked like baby hippos, but now I think they are just the cutest little things. Welcome to the forum!
  3. LuisaSpike


    *Adds to pignap list* You'd better keep a very close eye on Alyssa for a while... ;p Your pigs are adorable. Welcome to the forum!
  4. LuisaSpike

    New member of the family! Dobie.

    Omigoodness that is the cutest rat i've ever seen! You better keep him locked up in that cage good and tight, or I might come and steal him!
  5. LuisaSpike

    Hello, from Piggy and Baby.

    Welcome! Yes, pigtures please!
  6. LuisaSpike

    Hi, introducing my piggies!

    Welcome! Your pigs are adorable!
  7. LuisaSpike


    Hi! I'm LuisaSpike, I have two females, Luisa and Spike, hence the username. Look around the forum, there is soooooo much information on every topic about guinea pigs. For fleece, there is a whole section of the forum devoted to questions about fleece and bedding. Fleece is super easy. You just...
  8. LuisaSpike

    These are my piglets -- Gatsby and Ollie!

    Super cute! Your Ollie looks exactly like my old pig, Rambo (RIP)
  9. LuisaSpike

    New with a Question

    Thanks for your quick replies! I hadn't seen or heard of it either, so I figured I would see if anyone else had a similar experience or knew what it was. I have been watching her very closely, but she seems totally normal- wheeking for veggies at 4:30 in the morning, chomping on the water bottle...
  10. LuisaSpike

    New with a Question

    Hello I've been lurking for a while but I finally decided to join. I have two five-month old female guinea pigs named Luisa and Spike. Yes, I know, Spike is not generally a name given to a female, but both pigs are girls so no worries. :p I got them from someone whose male pig turned out to be a...