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  1. G_Piggler

    Hi Everyone!

    Congrats & welcome! Your Gpiggies are soooo lucky you found this community! You'll learn so much, as I have here. I had time before my babies arrived as well, so I suggest using your time to perfect your C&C cage. I tweaked up 'till adoption, and tweaking is tricky when your critters are...
  2. G_Piggler

    Hello everyone

    Welcome and congrats! I have a similar cage set up, and it looks like you've got a really great start. Lucky babies. From one Cavy parent to another, consider sliding the hidey hut into the center next to the support bar. You will open up a longer lap route. It is really easy to add a 3x1...
  3. G_Piggler

    Hello, Wonderful Community!

    And here's her sister Ploof! Big finish on this one... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=57JeMgOe2bo
  4. G_Piggler

    Hello, Wonderful Community!

    I 've got some funny videos to share! Thanks for all the tips so far, I hope you see them. Here's Floxy Swoosh http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gr2-k1TWcqk
  5. G_Piggler

    Hello, Wonderful Community!

    Carissa6729 YES! Had to! Today when we were enjoying floor time in our extra grid corral, BOTH babies snuck right through! Now, they have not ever done this inside the cage, but we couldn't risk it. So as I had on the outer back of the cage, I added a 3 grid square lip of Coro all around...
  6. G_Piggler

    Hello, Wonderful Community!

    @bguardguy Thank you! Here's a quick one I posted before, if you need more info, I'm happy to help. The exterior ramp in just two bent U shaped grids, and the open side is ziptied to the exterior walls. I did have to create Coroplast ends and the top one has a few pieces HOT GLUED (Coro's...
  7. G_Piggler

    Hello, Wonderful Community!

    We've been ADOPTED! Finally! We had been waiting for a YOUNG bonded female pair, and our only request that they be two different varieties. Well, I tell you, this is short-hair-city- until yesterday! Finally a bonded pair came for us, and they're just babies! Introducing Floxy Shwoosh and...
  8. G_Piggler

    Hello, Wonderful Community!

    Thanks, all! Here's a few cage photos:
  9. G_Piggler

    I'm New Here!

    Home Depot does have it! But it's called TWINWALL PLASTIC SHEET 36x72". Under $12. I used it myself. It was in the screen door area if that helps. Just "buy online for local pickup", let them do the searching for you then you just pick it up at the customer service desk. I wear those kind...
  10. G_Piggler

    Hello, Wonderful Community!

    Newbie here! Last year, my 3 daughters fell in love with a friends g-piggies, so as a reward for fantastic grades, I'm finally letting them adopt 2 young bonded sows. The right two have not come up in our rural area yet, but we are patient, and using the time to build a C&C cage. I studied...