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  1. candypigpig

    Odd cough-sneeze-snort-a-ma-jig

    For substrate I use fleece with towels and care fresh underneath. for pellets I feed him timothy hay pellets. He gets timothy hay in a box (so he has to work for it..not too hard though!) and about a cup of vegies every night and treats though out the day. One thing I did notice last night was...
  2. candypigpig

    Urgent!! Pigs Need Help!

    That is awful. Breaks my heart. Call the humane society now!
  3. candypigpig

    Odd cough-sneeze-snort-a-ma-jig

    So after a couple of months of questioning where we were going to be moving to, I've made a nice roomy cage (2x3) for Sanchez. He loves it (though he was in a 2x5 for a good long time. that was before Thadius died). Though lately I've been hearing him do this snort/cough/sneeze noise, and its...
  4. candypigpig

    General 'JarBax Jottings' - in words and pigtures!

    WOW. This thread is an inspiration! It makes me want to turn my whole apartment into a cage! Keep the updates commin'!
  5. candypigpig

    Jumping on back

    Haha! That must look so silly!
  6. candypigpig

    Noise and Warmth

    You do not need to cover your cage. If you have sufficeint "cuddle objects" your piggies will stay warm together in fleece or cuddle cups. Check out the photo gallery on "cozies" to get an idea of things you can buy/make. I would NOT use a heating pad. Even if you put it under the coroplast it...
  7. candypigpig

    Picky Eater cure

    My favorite thing, living in New England, is that in the summer we have local farm stands every where! You get tons of choices for pretty cheap!
  8. candypigpig

    I hate how terrible people's attitudes are.

    Can't believe it. Any one who veiws pets as a possesion should NOT own pets. possesions can be thrown away...but not family. My pets ARE my family. those people all make me sick. You really shouldn't take any of those pigs...by taking them, in some way, you are enableing that kind of behavior. I...
  9. candypigpig

    Questions for a rescue.

    I cant believe I didnt think of medical questions!!! Thank you!!:eye-poppi
  10. candypigpig

    I could use your opinion...

    Aww I'm so sorry Himino! RIP little Pollie
  11. candypigpig

    Questions for a rescue.

    I'm assuming that this is where I should post these questions. I'm looking at three boys from my local humane society Home. They are here: Other. I want to ask them questions before adopting, and because Sanchez (the wonderful boar in my life) and I are new at this we wanted to see what you...
  12. candypigpig

    Another Piggy!

    I talked you on the chat a couple of hours ago, and it was driving me crazy! :) I had to do some research! I found that rexes are sometimes called teddies and teddies are some times called rexes! After you told me it was a rex I was like, hmm...what is a teddy then?! Surprise! Its both.lol OH...
  13. candypigpig

    I could use your opinion...

    Ok, whoa. rewind Why hadn't you been picking your GP up with in two weeks??? That much of a wieght loss should have been noticed earlier than two weeks. :confused: Also, you may want to find another Vet. It may just be me but this vet is more of a "we'll try and fix it if it gets...
  14. candypigpig

    Rocket is limping!

    You are not a bad owner! Dont think that! I'm sure that its not as serious as you think! Let us know how the vetvisit goes!
  15. candypigpig

    Another Misfit Pet Store Toy for Christmas

    I hate christmas....Well the kinds that involve store bought pets. I'm so happy for your newest addition! Thank you so much!
  16. candypigpig

    Bald patches behind ears

    I found that when I added more vit C to my wheeker's diet the patches went away. Since I figured it was a form of survy (I called my vet and she said its cold have very well been) I added more tomatoes and yellow and red peppers. Now he has fluffy hair behind his ears! Hope this helps
  17. candypigpig


    I'm 16 weeks pregnant. Before my pregnancy I never noticed and allergy to my wheeker. But now when I hold Sanchez I get itchy eyes and a runny nose! Will this go away? I love Sanchez! I don't want to hold him less!
  18. candypigpig

    Nail clipping for black nails?

    Sanchez has black nails. I can't ever tell where to cut, or where the quick is. does any one else have this problem?:confused: Oh! i'm sorry! I found out how by using the search engine! sorry mods!:silly:
  19. candypigpig

    Welcome Thadius!

    I have a friend who had Thadius. Her boyfriend is in Iraq but will be comming home with in 3 wheeks. They are moving in to his dad's house for more space. But they couldnt have Thadius. I offered to take him since Sanchez needed a friend. Thadius arived today and the too are running around the...
  20. candypigpig

    pee pee problem

    Thank you so much!! I'm going to try all those things. it makes sense really.