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  1. mamattorney

    Fleece Does Fleece and/or U-Haul Pads have a "life expectancy"?

    I've used the same four fleece liners for about 16 months (rotated every two days). I've stripped them several times (every few months), but despite not having a smell when they come out of the washer, for the past month or so they seem to smell by the second day. Is there a point where fleece...
  2. mamattorney

    Fleece How do you clean your fleece?

    Our washer never smells either. I shake the fleece out first, wash it in HOT on the longest wash available with detergent and pour vinegar in the fabric softener reservoir (so it is used during the rinse cycle). Maybe every other time or every third time, I wash it a second time with no...
  3. mamattorney

    Fleece White fleece or not? does it stain?

    I have white with paw prints on it and it gets stained in the first day under the hideys, by the second day I have to change it no matter what - the wash removes the stains though; it is only temporarily yucky looking while it's in the cage.
  4. mamattorney

    Carefresh Allergic to Carefresh??

    We were petsitting my daughter's friend's guinea pig for the week (she was such a sweetie). She was living on our living room coffee table. About 4-5 days after her arrival, my husband's asthma started getting really bad. It hadn't been this bad in years - not even when we had our cats (that...
  5. mamattorney

    Fleece Let's see those patterns!

    I've got 4 sets too. I've got a thing for the animal prints, I guess. *Edit* Sorry about the huge pics; I swear I resized them to half size on photobucket.
  6. mamattorney

    Fleece Never dry your fleece with the Uhail blanekts!

    The uhaul pads shed like crazy the first few times. I was making four liners with a double layer of uhaul pad (that's a lot of uhaul pad) and had to clean out the lint trap mid dry cycle for about the first 5 washes. Now they barely shed.
  7. mamattorney

    Fleece What do you use to clean your fleece?

    I have an old toploading washer (not sure if the newer front loading ones are different), but I wash with detergent and pour vinegar in the middle of the agitator where liquid fabric softener would go if you used it - so the vinegar is released in the rinse cycle.
  8. mamattorney

    Fleece For anyone who wants to sew their own liners etc

    Nice PhinniePig! I've never used a sewing machine in my life - let me know if it's easy to use. I'd love to make a few more liners, but the hours it takes to hand sew is making me procrastinate.
  9. mamattorney

    Liners Anyone Make Their Own?

    PhinniePig: it's PUL, a waterproof fabric popular with those who make cloth diapers and bibs. From the JoAnn's website: pul : Shop | Joann.com Soft, Breathable, Waterproof "PUL" (Polyurethane Laminate) is a fabric laminated with waterproof polyurethane on the back. It is popular and...
  10. mamattorney

    Liners Anyone Make Their Own?

    Sure. I didn't take any pictures while I did it, but here goes. Here's a picture of the cage with the liners in it. You can see where the two pieces overlap and how they creep up the sides. I guess I was hoping for pigs who peed and pooped in the smaller area by the hay and water. I figured...
  11. mamattorney

    Liners Anyone Make Their Own?

    I hand sewed the pillow case type. It took about 4 hours per liner for the equivalent of a 2 x 3 cage. I made mine in two pieces each to make it easier to shake out half at a time (I just shoo the pigs over to the other side while I shake out each pad) I erred on the side of being too big...
  12. mamattorney

    Fleece Let's see your hayracks

    I thought my pigs were very fancy with their recently purchased pig out pouch until I saw both pigs happily eating hay. Can you spot the 2nd pig? So, back to my temporary (maybe permanent) Phineas and Ferb fruit snack box hay rack. I loved that cupcake hay bag. Maybe if Fluff gets a little...
  13. mamattorney

    Fleece Pure Fleece TRUTH!!! Needed please.

    The only negative to fleece that I've found is the smell. I have a comparatively small cage (Midwest) and I change the fleece pads every day. I have 4 sets, and because the cage is small I can fit 3 sets in one load in the machine, so I do a load of wash every three days. With a family of 5...
  14. mamattorney

    Fleece First Fleece Liners! :D

    plabol1 I'm not the best person to ask as I'm new to fleece, too. They've only been washed about 5 -6 times, but they are doing fine. I will say that they shed lint like crazy the first couple of times. I seriously thought they would have holes in them within a couple of washes, which is...
  15. mamattorney

    Fleece First Fleece Liners! :D

    They look great! I made mine like pillow cases - the first set I sewed the 4th side, but did not stitch the uhaul pad in place. Wow, what a mess. I ended up with a ball of wet uhaul pad at the bottom of the case after washing. I took the stitching out of the 4th side so that I can just...
  16. mamattorney

    Fleece Best way to store soiled fleece pad until laundry day?

    Title says it all. If you have smaller pads under hay rack/hideys that you change more often than main fleece - how and where do you store the used ones until wash day? I did a search and found a thread on point from 2009, but thought that this was worthy of a new post as new ideas may have...
  17. mamattorney

    Fleece Smelly....

    Most likely the liners need to be stripped - this is just a sample link of things to try. Google smelly cloth diapers for LOTS of info. Stripping Cloth Diapers - Strip Cloth Diapers
  18. mamattorney

    Fleece This Uhaul Lint is Out of Control!

    You know what? I think I'll skip the naked layer - those suckers need to be fully contained. If I need something else under my liner, I'll use a towel or something.
  19. mamattorney

    Fleece This Uhaul Lint is Out of Control!

    I had some time this afternoon and decided to wash 4 of the 5 uhaul pads I bought (since my Joann's fleece order is STILL processing . . . 6 days after I ordered it.:mad:) Anyway, I cannot get over the lint these things are producing. I have to clean the lint trap midway through the dry cycle...