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  1. MizzyMiz


    Welcome! :)
  2. MizzyMiz

    Mario, Yoshi and Bowser

    Oh my goodness!!! ADORABLE names! Welcome to the forum :)
  3. MizzyMiz

    Hi, I can't believe I'm here lol...

    Welcome! Sorry I can't help with your fleece problem, but it's nice to meet a new member :D I'm positive you'll find lots of good information here!
  4. MizzyMiz

    Hello! *Pigtures*

    Welcome! Those piggies are adorable! Glad the new cage is working out :)
  5. MizzyMiz

    Hello! .... again!

    Well, I'm not exactly new, but I haven't been on is a VERY long time, so I thought I'd just say hey again! I got caught up in a lot of stuff, and just got out of the habit of coming on this site, but I've missed chatting with all you lovely people :) Can't wait to see what been going on! If you...
  6. MizzyMiz

    New here

    Congrats on the new piggies!!! So cute, and love the names :) Welcome to the forum! I have to second what Mummyof5Piggies said, guineas have a hard time digesting the seed coatings on the seed bits. :)
  7. MizzyMiz

    Hello! I'm new here

    Welcome!!! And congrats on the new piggies, I'm sure you'll make a great owner :) When they calm down a bit I'd love to see pictures!
  8. MizzyMiz

    hello :)

    Welcome! :) And congrats on the new piggies!
  9. MizzyMiz

    Hello All :)

    Adorable :) What a sweet little face!
  10. MizzyMiz

    showing off my piggies.

    Welcome! And beautiful guineas! :D
  11. MizzyMiz

    hi i m new to guinea pigs.. kindly identify

    Adorable piggies :D and like some other people said, they are both Americans, if you were interested in a little more detail about their color, the one with a bit of black is a TSW (Tortoiseshell and White) American, and the other one is a Red and White Broken American. Welcome to the forum! :)
  12. MizzyMiz

    Floor time at my house

    It's a possibility, they do look pretty shiny, but then again American are pretty shiny on their own. It's hard to tell if a pig is satin by a photo, but the big thing to look for is if the sheen carries down to the base of the hairs. The top of the coat is always shiny, but brush the hair back...
  13. MizzyMiz

    Meet Basil!

    Awwww!!! So sweet, congrats on your new piggie! She's just adorable :)
  14. MizzyMiz

    Crusted Eye? Vet soon? idk Help

    It might just be the picture, but it doesn't seem that crusty to me??? Crusty eyes are a sign of dehydration, make sure she has lot of watery veggies. As long as she's still eating, moving around, and not losing any weight, I wouldn't worry to much. If she shows any other symptoms or the...
  15. MizzyMiz

    Saying hi

    Welcome! :D Good luck with your new piggies!
  16. MizzyMiz

    Hi there, introducing my family :)

    I agree!!! Beautiful name, it fits those pretty ruby eyes :)
  17. MizzyMiz

    Hi there, introducing my family :)

    Adorable piggies <3 And welcome!!! :D
  18. MizzyMiz

    New here with adopted pair

    Welcome!!! :D What adorable piggies
  19. MizzyMiz

    Hey evreyone :)

    MummyOf5Piggies gave some really good advice, I love those ideas for skittish pigs. Like she said, they're prey animals, so if your having trouble picking them up out of the cage cause of their skittishness, I'd recommend trying to scoop them up from underneath; anything coming from above seems...
  20. MizzyMiz


    hello and welcome! What kind of pellet/hay are you feeding her and how much?