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  1. Terekins

    Act Dead (Photo)

    That's hilarious. Those skinny little legs sticking out! My Sherman will sometimes lay that way when I'm petting her--maybe Vivo wants you to pet her?
  2. Terekins

    Post your favorite Piggy names here :)

    I've always loved picking names. My boyfriend named our Sherman (who is a female lol ), and I named Oda thinking it suited his orange colouring. When we had the babies, I had a really hard time chosing names (all girls) , but eventually settled on Sym, Suki and Esther. Sym is the name of a lady...
  3. Terekins

    Itching and Scratching

    Like Fay said, it would be best to see a vet, but I'd say treat him for mites regardless. I just took my Sherman in because of similar problems (plus she had an abscess) and they did tests for mites that all came out clean--sometimes these tests can apparently give false negative results. It...
  4. Terekins

    Strange Noise

    I've noticed this too. My Oda does this a lot, and when you look at his mouth while he's doing it, it looks like he's chewing gum.
  5. Terekins


    If he's by himself in the cage, maybe he's rumbling (like when they're looking for something/someone to hump). It's a similar sound to purring, but more constant, whereas purring seems to be in waves. Sometimes with rumbling you'll see them walk really slowly or do a little "hula dance".
  6. Terekins

    Double Chin

    You know I've never tried Cavy Cuisine (I mean my pigs haven't, haha, I love cheesy jokes), I usually just make sure to get plain pellets. I'm sure the quality is much better. I'd really like to check out the feed store, would it be the 80 I would take? I live in Fairview :) It's so neat to know...
  7. Terekins

    Double Chin

    It seems like the Revolution is working--much less scratching. At the vets they told me to treat again in 3 weeks, is that correct? They just gave me syringes with the measured dosage, and said to come back for the next dosage. However I'd rather not take them all in to the vets unless necessary...
  8. Terekins

    Cleaning Cage Frequency

    I use fleece too, and poop sweep every evening, clean the cage out every week. When I had five pigs (two just went to a friend of mine :() I sometimes had to do it every five days. I love fleece!
  9. Terekins

    Double Chin

    Yes, she does seem better, and scratching much less. I'm keeping a close eye on her :) Thanks,
  10. Terekins

    Help! New rescue pig and upset hubby...

    That's too bad you have to let him go. Why would your husband be so angry? It's not like you got three more pigs, or had an affair...:o Maybe it's a bit of a control issue? Ugh, men!
  11. Terekins

    Very interesting behaviour!

    I was watching my three pigs this morning and saw some pretty interesting behaviour. I came out to greet them a little late this morning (slept in, no work today) and they were dead quiet--usually they're wheeking in annoyance because they haven't had their breakfast yet. So I say hi, no...
  12. Terekins

    Double Chin

    That's so frustrating. You know it occured to me when she explained the skin scrapping process that it probably would only be accurate if they did it in the right place...but I figured she knew best. I'm a little skeptical about the fungus check too, because the vet pointed to Sherman's bald...
  13. Terekins

    Double Chin

    Well, we went to the vet today and poor Sherman had several tests done. She had an X--ray, skin scrapping and a fungus check. I could heard her screaming from two rooms over. It was one of those whistle cries they make when they're calling for help and are in danger; when she came out I felt so...
  14. Terekins

    Advantage "multi"??

    Thanks Clotho, Wow, it's kind of scary that they're selling the Advantage Multi if it really isn't considered safe. Yes, I'm taking her in. I debated as to whether I should just try and find Ivermectin and go ahead and treat everyone, or whether I should take her in and see what they say at the...
  15. Terekins

    Pictures of Tanger

    He's super cute! He looks like a stuffed animal in your avatar :) I'd say he's an English Short Haired.
  16. Terekins

    Advantage "multi"??

    Hi, I just called a local vets to see if they sold Ivermectin, and the receptionist told me they sell Advantage Multi. I asked if Advantage killed mites because I have read it only works for lice, and she said that this stuff does in fact kill mites...is that true?? Thanks!
  17. Terekins

    Double Chin

    Yes, that's where I'm going. They were so great when I had Oda neutered!
  18. Terekins

    Guinea Pig noises and actions

    It sounds like you have the right idea. Purring is good, and "chutting" I usually hear when I've just cleaned the cage and they're exploring, so I've always considered this a positive/curiosity-related sound. When I'm petting one of my pigs and he or she pushes my hand away (usually when I'm...
  19. Terekins

    Double Chin

    Thanks guys. I just came home from work and she didn't even come out to greet me, which always does. I've checked her belly and where the lump was and it doesn't look worse, but she really seems unhappy so I wonder if she's in pain. I'm going to take tomorrow off work and take her in to the...
  20. Terekins

    Double Chin

    Thanks Clotho :) It's so frustrating that the vets aren't open Sundays. We don't have a vehicle, or know anyone who does, and the emergency vets would be about a $50 cab ride from where we live. She seems to be healing very well though, and her fur in the affected area is clean this...