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  1. candypigpig

    Iams cruelty

    I have heard of their cruelty....However, my vet suggested IAMS for my cat that has reacuring chrystals or an expensive perscribed brand. I obviously went with the expensive brand. But why would my vet say that IAMS was a good brand??
  2. candypigpig

    Iffy subject.

    I just contacted a local humane society to see if they had any guinea pigs I could pair with Sanchez. They said no and that i should try PETCO....WHAT?! Can you believe that?! Wow. I feel like writing them an email. Especially with all this information from this thread. Geez.
  3. candypigpig

    Iffy subject.

    Pet Quarters does that....as a matter of fact they display two different cats weekly for adoption. another example...they dont sell rabbits at easter time
  4. candypigpig

    Iffy subject.

    Well I can assure you it will be the last time. HOWEVER, this thought did just come to my mind. The majority of GP's that you can rescue from a shelter or a humane society where more than likely originally purchased at a pet store from some other people. So in the same light that pet stores are...
  5. candypigpig

    Iffy subject.

    Thats true. Maybe I shouldnt have gotten so uppity about it. Sorry Susan. However I am not ashamed.
  6. candypigpig

    Iffy subject.

    I'm not looking for "kudos". As a matter of fact I'm quite offened from your reply. I DO feel good about taking Sanchez and As far as I see I rescued him from a most certain death. Thanks a BUNCH for your input though
  7. candypigpig

    Iffy subject.

    Generally and Majorly speaking, I DO NOT but any animals from pet stores. However my most recent GP, Sanchez was purchased at a local petstore for me by my father. (Side note: I'm old enough to live away from home, but I was discussing my love for GP's with my father and he wanted to buy me one...