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  1. Terekins

    Feeling let down

    I'm sorry to hear that. I know how you feel. I will sometimes talk about my pets and I see my friends' eyes glaze over, or they get that look that says "they're just animals...what's wrong with you". I have friends I trust and love, who also like animals, but I know most of them think don't care...
  2. Terekins

    Total Change of Mind

    I completely understand what you're saying in regard to lumping all farmers into one pile. Many farmers do take good care of their animals. But I do think that in some cases over population does go hand in hand with animal abuse. Not all farmers have animals they can't take care of, obviously...
  3. Terekins

    Total Change of Mind

    This is an interesting discussion. TLP, I understand this issue is close to you, being on a farm and part of a farming community. However, I don't think you can really say there is much of a difference between how guinea pigs are treated, as whole, world-wide, or how farm animals are treated as...
  4. Terekins

    Is this the right thing to do?

    Good for you!! It's fantastic that you were able to get them to make these changes. It may seem like a little thing to you but those dogs probably still wouldn't have a house if it weren't for you. Keep an eye on them, and tell your friends! :)
  5. Terekins

    Is this the right thing to do?

    Sorry, I hadn't read your post where you said you called the Humane Society. I'm so glad you did. I remember growing up there was a dog next door who was left alone and tied all day long. Eventually he went from being a sweet and affectionate dog, to being extremely intimidating (no wonder). I...
  6. Terekins

    Total Change of Mind

    Please don't be offended. These kinds of issues come up so much and I think it gets a little frustrating for people. I'm relatively knew to guinea pigs too, and I can't believe some of the things I thought when I first got my guys! There really is so much to learn, as they have probably been...
  7. Terekins

    Guinea Pig Herd – Help!

    I thought this was a joke! Has to be. Ha ha, you got us going. Very nice.
  8. Terekins

    Is this the right thing to do?

    I know for a fact that here (Nova Scotia) it is illegal to keep a dog outside without shelter. I don't know about other animals, but to me it seems like common sense. Why don't you call your local SPCA or animal welfare agency and ask them questions, let them know about the situation, and see...
  9. Terekins

    Total Change of Mind

    Also, it would be a fascinating experience to witness a birth etc, but by rescuing a homeless guinea pig you would be saving a life. This is something you could do and feel really good about.
  10. Terekins

    THIS is why pet stores are IMMORAL.

    You're right that you should do something. Start by looking up the number for animal control, usually with government agencies at the front of the phone book, and tell them exactly what you saw. It might help if you wrote it all down first, you may be less emotional that way? What's the worst...
  11. Terekins

    Animal Planet is not a "animal planet"

    Have you guys ever seen The Dog Whisperer? I usually don't mind the show, but the other day I saw an episode where they were attempting to classically condition (basically mentally train) a hunting dog, so that he would stop attacking birds. They used a REAL duck, holding it up to the dog's nose...
  12. Terekins

    Iams cruelty

    I agree; maybe we can help you find substitutes! Seriously, if you're going to avoid one company, this is it. Procter and Gamble are at the top of the "cruelty list".
  13. Terekins

    This Is Terrible...

    I have tears in my eyes, having read that. I can't imagine how angry and sad I would if I were this pet owner. Who hires these people?? Ugh.
  14. Terekins

    Euthanizing... Is this okay?

    I think she knows it's wrong, is upset that her mother would think/feel so differently than she does, and is trying to do something in order to feel less helpless and lost in in terms of this situation. I don't think we should be so hard on her, it seems to be coming from a good place. Catzeye...
  15. Terekins

    Question about the right type of breeding.

    This reminds me of my mum, a life-long cat lover. She always wanted a Mein Coon (sp?) and when our cat of several years passed away she was very tempted to go and buy one. She didn't though, and decided to go to a shelter instead, as she had always done. Strangely, a few weeks later (before...
  16. Terekins

    Question about the right type of breeding.

    It seems like the main issue here is whether the privilege of owning an animal can be considered more important than the welfare of animals themselves. Of course we wouldn't have certain breeds without breeders. Guinea pigs aren't native to north america, so we wouldn't even have those if it...
  17. Terekins

    Petco sells hairless guinea pigs?

    I had no idea these issues existed in regard to skinny pigs. I see them regularly at Pets Unlimited here in Halifax. You know it really bothers me to know that they suffer from health issues, and that they were bred to be this way. It's sad and disgusting that people are screwing around with...
  18. Terekins

    Getting Along The Anti-Pet Store Generalization

    I think I will write a letter. It's true, it can't hurt. I'm a big fan of telling businesses what I think (I tell them the positive stuff too of course), because there really isn't much point in boycotting a place if they don't know why. Thanks for the feedback.
  19. Terekins

    Getting Along The Anti-Pet Store Generalization

    I'm veering a little off topic, but there is something I wanted to ask about and this seems like the most appropriate place. I got my pigs from Pets Unlimited, a large chain here in Canada. Since then I've learned so much about petstores. My personal experiences made me aware of how...
  20. Terekins

    "Dangerous dogs"

    These are all very good points. I hope you weren't offended TLP. It's great when discussions can be had in such a calm and respecting way.