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  1. david

    Cage top

    Same answer. If you really need to make a top just use the grids. I never needed one as they never try to escape and I don't have any pets that could cause them harm.
  2. david

    Metal cage

    Put coroplast or linoleum on the bottom of the cage. He'll love you more because you're saving his feet from possible cuts and infections.
  3. david

    Grids with smaller openings

    Thanks again for the item number. I found the cubes at the Target right next to my house. They were on special $9.99. And to make things even better, there were two packages opened so I bargained with them and got four packages for the price of three at $9.99 each. Total $29.97 for four packages...
  4. david

    Grids with smaller openings

    Thanks again for the help.
  5. david

    C&C Cages - now available for purchase

    Thank you. I'll give them a call today.
  6. david

    C&C Cages - now available for purchase

    Sounds great, hopefully someone will be able to find the item number. I looked at the box to the regular sized grids and it says it's made by Tricam industries, I bought these at Target. I checked out their website http://tricam.com but they only talk about ladders they make on there (I...
  7. david

    C&C Cages - now available for purchase

    Have you had any luck? I know I haven't. I've looked in 4 different Target stores and I've spent hours searching online. It always leads me back to the regular size cubes and to this website. If you know of a supplier or a website please let me know.
  8. david

    Grids with smaller openings

    Where can I buy these https://www.guineapigcages.com/photos/showphoto.php?photo=512&password=&sort=1&cat=532&page=1v . I've tried four different Target stores with no luck. I looked online and can't find them anywhere. Does anyone have a link or know a store in New Jersey that would have these?
  9. david

    Abusing- Need Cage

    You can also make one yourself for very cheap. You are at the right place for instructions on how to make one. It will probably cost you about $30 to make a better cage than you would spend a lot more on at a store. If you want I have tons of extra linoleum (it's new) you can have to make a...
  10. david

    Any recommendations for second level?

    Ok I did a better search. I found fiddlesticks here http://www.mypethaven.com/_borders/sp61219.jpg The question is where do I buy these?
  11. david

    Any recommendations for second level?

    Thanks for the great suggestions. What are fiddlesticks? I did a google search on them but I get about 10000000 options. Are they similar to the wood used for popsicles or is that what they are?
  12. david

    Disgusted with mis-information on web...

    Actually google doesn't use meta tags anymore. This site does have meta tags also. If you look at the source code for this site you will notice it. Google is a very complex search engine and there are a lot of variables for you to get a top listing. One big help would be for you to link your...
  13. david

    Petstore Employees!

    PETA is a group of extremists and they will say anything for you to believe them. I take everything they say with a grain of salt (actually I don't listen to anything they say).
  14. david

    Petstore Employees!

    You can't really blaim the employee you have to blaim the employer. Money talks and when you aren't offering much you get a less knowledgable person.The only thing I suggest is calling the corporate office of the stores and ask them to train the employees better or hire "professionals".
  15. david

    Suggested thickness to coroplast

    I've seen several different thicknesses for it 2, 4, 6, 10 mm. What is the most recommended thickness? Or most common used in cages? I've noticed at http://www.harborsales.net that the 4 mm is cheaper than any other thickness.
  16. david

    Materials besides coroplast

    Coroplast seems to be hard for me to locate. I've checked in quite a few places and can't seem to find it anywhere. I'm not in a big rush since I bought tons of linoleum (4 x 12) and have a lot left over. I will get the coroplast sooner or later. I was wondering has anyone used other...
  17. david

    Any recommendations for second level?

    Nice site and nice cage. Thanks for the site. Do they ever slide off the ramp? I'd be worried if my guinea pig fell off. Seeing a cage like that makes me want to build a ten story cage. You've inspired me to make a cage more than two stories now. When you have more than one story in a cage...
  18. david

    Any recommendations for second level?

    Thanks for the link and the suggestion.
  19. david

    Any recommendations for second level?

    I want to add a second level to my guinea pig's cage. What would be a good way to make steps or some way to get up to the second level? What materials should I use?
  20. david

    Aquarium Question and Answer

    I used linoleum on my cage. Try that. You can find it at Home Depot or Lowe's.