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  1. WheekingPiggies

    Vegetables Veggie Cubes

    That sounds like a great idea! Perfect refreshing treat for a summer day. Just make sure you defrost them a bit so they're easier for the piggies to eat. It's funny, some others don't really understand making special things for your piggies just because it's a fun thing to try. I love making all...
  2. WheekingPiggies

    Treats Guinea pig Christmas "cookies"

    I just watched this video a few minutes ago! It's perfect timing because I was trying to think of what I could make for the guinea pigs, because I already made my dog and gerbils some Christmas treats. As we know, guinea pigs can't have a lot of different ingredients :( I feel like apple or...
  3. WheekingPiggies

    Grow Your Own Fresh from the garden

    We actually had a pretty good harvest this year! We decided to do our garden pretty last minute, but most of our veggies did well! We did plants on our patio for the first time (cilantro, cucumber, and green pepper) and these did great, so we will definitely be planting some more in pots next...
  4. WheekingPiggies

    Pellets How much pellets

    This is correct! Each guinea pig should have 1/8 cup of pellets a day. Make sure you buy a plain, timothy based pellet. Generally Oxbow and KMS (From http://www.kmshayloft.com/hay/) are the most recommended brands.
  5. WheekingPiggies

    Treats How bad is this???

    Seems like one of the healthiest treats you could buy for guinea pigs. I would give this in small amounts as a treat maybe once a week or every two weeks. I know my piggies absolutely love dried herbs, so yours might end up enjoying it.
  6. WheekingPiggies

    Pellets Higgins sunburst

    I believe this food is a mixture with seeds, nuts, dried fruits, and colored bits. For guinea pigs you just want a plain pellet mix. It should be Timothy based for adult pigs, but since yours are under 6 months they can have an alfalfa based food. The recommended brands are Oxbow (Cavy Cuisine...
  7. WheekingPiggies

    Vegetables Are cucumber seeds ok?

    Yup, cucumber is fine to give with the seeds and peel. Cucumber seeds are pretty soft and aren't a choking hazard for piggies.
  8. WheekingPiggies

    Diet What Are Good Guinea pig Treats?

    Your piggy will be more eager if you use one of their favorite veggies. I find leafy things like cilantro, spinach, and lettuce tend to work because they gobble them up really fast, which means they don't get distracted by eating their reward. It's also really easy to rip into whatever size...
  9. WheekingPiggies

    Water Easy Clean Water Bottle?

    I've never heard this before! I'll have to try it with my bottles. Do you leave the rice in for a while or just shake it up and dump it out?
  10. WheekingPiggies

    Nutrition Any feedback on NatGeo Guinea pig food?

    You're correct that this food isn't good for them because of the extra bits. All the extra pieces contain sugar and fat and seeds can be a choking hazard. It also had alfalfa meal as the third ingredient, which isn't good if you have pigs over 6 months. I think changing to Oxbow is a great idea...
  11. WheekingPiggies

    Pellets where can I buy Oxbow products?

    Here's a Canadian website that sells Oxbow: http://www.petonly.ca/Small_Animal_Food_s/209.htm I'm not sure if they sell the vitamin c tabs though.
  12. WheekingPiggies

    Pellets What pellets to choose

    I agree with bpatters that the JR Farms Grainless Complete Guinea Pig is your best option. Perhaps you can break the nuggets into pieces if your piggies have trouble with the size.
  13. WheekingPiggies

    Won't Eat Veggies Only eating green pepper

    I know bell peppers should be a daily food, but I'm only suggesting she not give them for two days or so. I'm sure that won't cause her pigs any harm. There are days when I don't give my pigs peppers because we're out of them. I understand that you're very strict with your piggy's diet, but in...
  14. WheekingPiggies

    Won't Eat Veggies Only eating green pepper

    I know for my pigs, for foods they don't like they leave them for a while, but eventually eat them when they're hungry. I'd try just giving lettuce for both Marybell and Cherry for a few days. That way she is forced to eat the lettuce. I find it funny that she doesn't like leafy things, since...
  15. WheekingPiggies

    Hay 2 hay questions!

    I don't think fleece would be a good choice for the hay bag. Hay sticks to fleece like crazy! I think some sort of cotton would be a better option.
  16. WheekingPiggies

    Hay 2 hay questions!

    I just recently bought a hay bag, which I find helps eliminate mess. I got mine here, though you can also buy them at http://www.guineapigmarket.com
  17. WheekingPiggies

    Nutrition What to Feed Picky Guinea Pig?

    Oxbow's a great food! I've used it for all the guinea pigs I've had and they've loved it. Some people who have pigs with calcium problems choose to use KMS, since it contains a type of calcium less likely to produce stones than the calcium in Oxbow. However, since your pigs are still young, if...
  18. WheekingPiggies

    Diet Checking Diet For Young Piggies

    Thanks! But I thought alfalfa was also high in protein and calories for young guinea pigs. I mean, doesn't offering the parsley only cover the calcium benefits of alfalfa.
  19. WheekingPiggies

    Diet Checking Diet For Young Piggies

    I've never had a guinea pig under 6 months before, so I just wanted to double check on their diet. Unlimited hay: grass hay or a mix of grass and alfalfa Unlimited pellets: alfalfa or Timothy based 1 cup Veggies: feed extra veggies high in calcium such as parsley This would be for a 10 week...
  20. WheekingPiggies

    Treats Smaks treats

    I've never seen those treats before. I checked the ingredients in the treats and they all seem safe for guinea pigs. I'm sure most pigs would prefer veggies, but these are much better than the typical pet store treats.