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  1. Pablosmummy

    Fleece The Fleece Project: The Study

    I think I'm going to go for just the shower curtain for now and cable tie it up the edges a bit. Eventually I'll get some correx from somewhere. We got our cubes today.The cage is huge! I'm going to need more fleece.
  2. Pablosmummy

    Fleece The Fleece Project: The Study

    But if theres a shower curtain underneath the tiles to catch any drips then it might be ok? I use two layers of towels at the moment and nothing gets through to the bottom of my current cage so in theory it should be fine.
  3. Pablosmummy

    Fleece The Fleece Project: The Study

    I was thinking of using a shower curtain with those stick on floor tiles on top. The vinyl ones? that way they would all be pretty secure on the shower curtain as they are quite stiff. Also if you cut them in half, I was thinking they could go up the sides a bit but still be quite secure. If you...
  4. Pablosmummy

    A soup ladel makes the best pooper scooper for fleece bedding!

    Hey the ladle is great! ive just started using fleece and as i dont have a hoover (im not dirty, we have wooden floors and just use a broom lol) its perfect! Of course my boyfriend thinks i'm crazy for sacrificing firstly a fleece and now a ladle to our pablo but neverind, Pablo seems happy...