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  1. Lacy&Buttercup

    Pig Sitting

    Hi, all. Sorry I haven't posted in a while. I had my mother here for Christmas and this is the first time I've been online. I didn't take Rover to the vet. I decided to wait and see how he would do with the Ivermectin and vitamin C. He has had two doses of the Ivermectin and vitamin C daily. He...
  2. Lacy&Buttercup

    Pig Sitting

    Thank you for the link Percy'sMom! He has had his first dose. I'm going to call her at home tonight, when she's away from the older teacher that actually ownsRover. She seems more willing to care for him properly or is at least interested. I know. I'm going to just lay it on the line and tell...
  3. Lacy&Buttercup

    Pig Sitting

    I didn't have my scales the last time I had him. I've called the teacher. She wanted to know if she should get him back and take him to the vet. I told her I would see to him and take him if he needs to go. I told her I was waiting on a response from you guys and told her I would let her know...
  4. Lacy&Buttercup

    Pig Sitting

    I picked up Rover yesterday. He was stopped up again. He has two additional problems now. His hair is just shedding something awful and he has black specks falling off of him. No bald spots or signs of anything living on him. He's not scratching excessively but does what I call full body shivers...
  5. Lacy&Buttercup

    Pics of Tuppence

    Awww! She's gorgeous! She sure has grown into a beautiful young lady.
  6. Lacy&Buttercup

    Pig Sitting

    Thank you! Believe me, the thought of telling her he died has crossed our minds more than once. My hubby and I discussed it last time. We have raised our children not to lie and what kind of example would we be setting if WE did it and then forced him to lie to his teacher. We just can't do it...
  7. Lacy&Buttercup

    Pig Sitting

    It is unfair, mostly for Rover. He gets floor time, all the fresh veggies he can eat (he wouldn't eat hay when I had him over Thanksgiving), loads of love then has to go back to living in the container. When he was here before, I kept him in the play pen and will do this again. She said she has...
  8. Lacy&Buttercup

    Pig Sitting

    The teacher called me yesterday and wants me to sit Rover during the holidays, again. She said he is eating his pellets and hay that I sent to school. She also said he is doing much better, pooing on his own, and even wheeking at her. I'm going next Tuesday morning to pick him up. They decided...
  9. Lacy&Buttercup

    Need help deciding who to adopt

    All of them are precious but Lola and Sunny just reached out and grabbed me. Good luck with choosing.
  10. Lacy&Buttercup

    Christmas pictures

    Thanks! We like to have never got Lacy in the stocking. She weighs 2.9 lbs now. I bet that was cute, CCC.
  11. Lacy&Buttercup

    Finally pigutres of Charlie and Moe, The Dynamic Duo!

    They are both precious! Charlie looks so tiny.
  12. Lacy&Buttercup

    New Member

    I love your babies! They are so cute! What does a hedgehog feel like? They look like they are rough feeling but oh so adorable.
  13. Lacy&Buttercup

    Christmas pictures

    Decorated cage http://i34.photobucket.com/albums/d148/lacybuttercup/b209244e.jpg Buttercup in a basket http://i34.photobucket.com/albums/d148/lacybuttercup/ef6ddf5f.jpg Lacy & Buttercup in basket http://i34.photobucket.com/albums/d148/lacybuttercup/f156bd28.jpg Lacy in the basket...
  14. Lacy&Buttercup


    Beautiful, as always! I love the decorations on their cage! I wasn't going to decorate mine but after seeing yours, I will. :cheerful:
  15. Lacy&Buttercup

    What would you consider a variaty?

    Oh boy. I'll quit giving them the mixes daily and only as a rare treat. I don't want to hurt them. Thank you!
  16. Lacy&Buttercup

    What would you consider a variaty?

    I haven't even considered the water. We live in the country and have a deep well. The water leaves white deposits on our faucets. I will switch them over to bottled water and see if it clears up. Thank you so much for your help!
  17. Lacy&Buttercup

    RIP: Princess Ashlie

    I am so sorry! You picked out a beautiful name for a beautiful girl.
  18. Lacy&Buttercup

    Pigtures!!! yay!!

    You have some adorable piggies!
  19. Lacy&Buttercup

    What would you consider a variaty?

    I feed my piggies veggies just once a day, breakfast. Today they had nine different things but today was fruit day. They get fruits twice a week. They ate all but a small amount of fruit. Daily- sweet baby greens or spring mix, red and green bell pepper, cucumber, tomato, and one baby carrot per...
  20. Lacy&Buttercup

    They're pooping in their food!

    When I switched to Oxbow last week, I did what Sabriel did. I bought a gravity bin feeder and mounted it on the side of the cage. With the cheap food, they pooped in it also. That is when they didn't turn their food bowl over. Now I don't have any problems.