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  1. david

    if u had

    It is very soft, but I don't think they will chew through it. Who likes the taste of gold? If there are any problems I can always change it too 18 or 14KT. Remember I have unlimited money.
  2. david

    if u had

    24 kt gold custom cavy castle. I'd get everything made in gold and platinum. Then I'd have diamonds all over the cage. You said all the money in the world. I'd spend a good $20 million on the cage. I'd get platinum water bottles, gold food dishes, platinum hay rack, gold ramps. And make it...
  3. david

    Vitamin C Deficiency

    I've been reading a lot about guinea pigs lately and I'm a new owner, but my guinea pig allows me to give her the vitamin C drops straight from the syringe. She drinks it straight. I'm not sure if it's to concentrated for her that way but she seems to like it (I do this about every two days)...
  4. david

    Thanks for the tips (new guinea pig owner here)

    After going through this site I realized my guinea pig was living in cramped conditions. I had bought my first guinea pig last week. Today is exactly one week with Sandra (that's her name). I had her living in one of those cheap bins from Walmart. I remember my friend had his in a bin years...