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  1. Pablosmummy

    crusty hamster

    We treated him as he was scratching quite a bit and as soon as we did, he stopped so I'm guessing it worked and luckily it seems to have had no adverse affects on him. We used the beaphar spot on treatment which has ivermectin in and is done according to weight. We use the guinea pig version...
  2. Pablosmummy

    crusty hamster

    Ooh I didnt know that they spot on treatments were dangerous. What else would you use on a hamster? The crusty patch seems to have cleared up now so I dont know what it was. I'll keep watch to see if it comes back, if it does then straight to the vet.
  3. Pablosmummy

    crusty hamster

    Ok so I know this isnt about a cage but I'll ask here anyway as all the hamster sites I've found seem..well a bit childish to be honest Anyway, My 9 month old male syrian seems to have a little crusty patch next to one of his glands on his side. I've had many hamsters before and have never...