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  1. T1ggerPigLuvur

    It's been awhile..but I'm back

    I guess I'll introduce my "new" guinea pig as well for some good news! He's not actually that new, I've had him for two years now but he hasn't gotten a proper introduction on here. His name is Kodi, and he is a total nut but an absolute sweetheart as well.
  2. T1ggerPigLuvur

    It's been awhile..but I'm back

    Hi everyone! It's hard to believe I haven't been on here in about three years...I blame high school and all the stress that brought along with it. I feel like there's so much I could update on (graduation, college, a "new" guinea pig I haven't introduced) but for now the main reason I'm back on...
  3. T1ggerPigLuvur

    Rehoming My heart is breaking...

    That's great news! Glad this story had a happy ending! :)
  4. T1ggerPigLuvur

    In Memory of Tigger

    This morning I had to make an unexpected trip to the emergency vet with Tigger. She had a prolapsed uterus, which turns out was due to cancer. The vet could have done a surgery to remove the uterus and replace the prolapse, but I decided not to, since Tigger was so old and it would have been a...
  5. T1ggerPigLuvur

    Rehoming My heart is breaking...

    I second Nazgul 's idea. Foggy Creek Cavy Rescue is usually pretty full, but it's worth a shot contacting them and seeing if they have any room for the pair. Hopefully this helps, keep us updated!
  6. T1ggerPigLuvur

    It's good to be back!

    Wow, it's been way too long since I've been on here! With school and a few projects going on, I was pretty occupied for the last few months. Now that I'm on break, I just wanted to check in and say that my piggies have still been a top priority in my life. Their cage is constantly expanding...
  7. T1ggerPigLuvur

    Photos Christmas Eve photo shoot!

    Your piggies are too cute! Here are Tigger and Adi in their Christmas attire :)
  8. T1ggerPigLuvur

    Eyes/Non-crusty Hay in eye...TWICE...salvageable?

    I would take him to the vet as soon as possible, eye injuries are painful. (My pig, Adi, poked herself in the eye with hay last year, and it looked exactly like that. I took her in to the vet and she just had to take some antibiotics and eye drops for a few weeks, and now her eye is back to...
  9. T1ggerPigLuvur

    How Much? Vitamin C tabs

    I use Oxbow Daily C that I got from my vet, but it is also on Amazon. My pigs hated it at first, because I tried to get them to just eat the tablet. Now I just crush it up and put it on their lettuce. I don't think they even know that they are eating it, but I do :) With these tablets, they...
  10. T1ggerPigLuvur

    Photos We Got a Head Start on Halloween This Year :D

    Oh my gosh how adorable! I've never seen guinea pig costumes before, only ones for small dogs.
  11. T1ggerPigLuvur

    Play New trick!

    So cute! And impressive that it only took less than a day to train them. My pig Tigger used to do that all the time (to prove the point that she wanted food) but now she's old and too chubby to lift herself up like that lol
  12. T1ggerPigLuvur

    Guinea Pig Panorama...fail

    Yeah, I still am laughing about it. And at the fact that in the picture Tigger is just sitting there eating like the pig she is.
  13. T1ggerPigLuvur

    Lethals Two possible lethal white borns today

    I just read this whole story. All of your pigs, and especially your LWs are so lucky to have you taking care of them. They just look so happy! You can especially see it in those pictures of Delta and Ron. My fingers are crossed that Darla doesn't have anything serious.
  14. T1ggerPigLuvur

    Guinea Pig Panorama...fail

    Today I decided to take a nice panorama of my guinea pigs' cage after I cleaned it. So I start to take the panorama and then I realize that Adi decided to run down the ramp at the same time. I think I have successfully created the funniest panorama fail ever lol Lets zoom in a little closer...
  15. T1ggerPigLuvur

    What brand(s) do you buy your pigs' supplies from?

    For pellets, I use both the Oxbow and KMS brands, because Adi prefers Oxbow and Tigger likes KMS better. For hay, I use KMS. It's a great deal (shipping is cheap because it ships from the state I live in) and the pigs love it!
  16. T1ggerPigLuvur

    Pregnancy Heavily Pregnant

    I subscribed to your YouTube channel. I love seeing the videos of Mouse- he is such an adorable little pig! :)
  17. T1ggerPigLuvur

    Photos GUINEA CHILL PICTURES! (I'll start us off ^_^)

    As a bonus, I found a picture of the ever so happy Carmel. We used to pig-sit her years ago.
  18. T1ggerPigLuvur

    Photos GUINEA CHILL PICTURES! (I'll start us off ^_^)

    Tigger loves her tent... Her hammock... Fuzzy blankets... And even my lap...
  19. T1ggerPigLuvur

    Midwest Getting a midwest cage

    If you do get a Midwest cage, then I would recommend getting the coroplast base for the cage on the Guinea Pig Cages store HERE, because the cloth bottoms can be a hassle to clean. However, I think you are right. By the time that you buy that, you might as well consider making or buying a C&C...
  20. T1ggerPigLuvur

    Tigger's 3rd Birthday!

    Hi everybody! I have been very busy lately, and I know I haven't been on here for awhile, but I have very exciting news to share... It is Tigger's 3rd birthday today! Our tradition is to take some birthday pictures and feed the birthday pig a special veggie plate, so I wanted to share those...