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  1. envisionary333

    Potty training help

    Another option is to use small squares of mattress pads, towels, or puppy pads lined in fleece just for the high-traffic spots that get the most pee. I put some under the hidey houses since they go their the most, and have extras on hand so I can change them out every day or two. I throw them...
  2. envisionary333

    Foreign object lodged in throat

    If he continues trying to chew and acting irritated, I would get him to a vet. One of my girls did that whenever she was trying to eat, and it turned out her back teeth were overgrown and getting in her way. They had to be trimmed and now she is doing just fine. You cannot check those teeth...
  3. envisionary333

    Petsitting - help please

    Whether you choose a friend or a professional, make sure to have them visit and let them get comfortable with your pets and your routine beforehand. I advise printing out a very informative packet with instruction on what to do and when to do it, emergency vet numbers/directions, money for an...
  4. envisionary333

    grr, stupid craigslist ad

    I totally understand your frustration. I moved from Seattle to New York by myself with all of my pets, and will be taking them all back with me as well. Not only that, but I was required to live in a dorm where no pets are allowed. I found a way around it by saying I was living with my...
  5. envisionary333


    We had our first vet visit today and it went wonderfully. It was a new vet, it's a little far away but he is supposedly the best around for ferrets. Now I have one vet for the cats and dog, one for the guinea pigs, one for the ferrets, and an emergency clinic! Does Taz look skinny to you...
  6. envisionary333

    Baby weight???

    This page gives you a better idea, but it still is different for every pig: Guinea Lynx :: Pup Weights. Since yours was the only pig, I imagine he/she will put on weight a little faster than pups from a larger litter would.
  7. envisionary333

    They Have Grown So Much!!

    Piggies do most of their growing in the first year, and are done growing by 18 months. This page gives you some reference on typical weights for adults: Guinea Lynx :: Weigh Weekly!.
  8. envisionary333

    New Guinea Pigs

    Congratulations! I can't wait to see photos! If you do end up getting mice in the future, remember that they end up in shelters quite frequently as well. Try looking for mice to adopt instead of buying from a pet store.
  9. envisionary333

    Miniature Bull Terriers?

    I don't know anything about bull terriers, but I do know that there are many, many purebred dogs in shelters that need homes. There are also rescue groups that focus on certain breeds or purebreds, so I would do some researching to see what options are available in your area. Then your aunt...
  10. envisionary333

    Exciting News In My World

    That is so sad, I'm truly sorry Clotho. I know you have given those babies 110% of your effort and it really is heartbreaking to find something wrong that you had no way of knowing about. It's easy to look back and notice small signs or blame yourself, but you did everything you could.
  11. envisionary333

    Disappointed with rescue!

    I'm glad that the head tilt is due to ear infections and isn't neurological, so at least you can treat it and hopefully it will go away. It really is too bad that you've had to go through all this, but you've done a great job getting those pigs the care they need and I'm sure they will thrive...
  12. envisionary333

    Biting Piggies!

    You did the right thing by adopting from the rescue, and your pigs will settle in with time. Unfortunately, rescue pigs can sometimes take a little longer to warm up to you if they have been neglected or abused in the past. Even getting a friendly pig to be completely tame takes time, but most...
  13. envisionary333

    My piggy gave birth!!!

    No, an old camera should work just fine unless it's been damaged. I have cameras that I've used for years and they work great! (They are film cameras, though) Older digital cameras might not have as many megapixels, but the focusing mechanism is the same for most consumer level cameras...
  14. envisionary333

    Disappointed with rescue!

    Unfortunately, it seems that there are a lot of rescues that focus on dogs and cats or other more common pets, and really don't know what to do about the guinea pigs. Try giving them links to this site and Guinea Lynx so they have an accurate source of information, especially the pages with...
  15. envisionary333

    Help? Anyone?

    Having a room to close off is definitely the easiest option. Using a bathroom is often simple to do and the floor is usually easy to clean. I've also used a piggy pen with a tarp over the top to keep the dog out, but it's a lot more work!
  16. envisionary333

    Disappointed with rescue!

    Calm down, we'll help you. There's no need to get panicked, it's very possible that your piggies aren't pregnant at all. They only go into heat once every two weeks, and if they were only together for twenty minutes. It is definitely possible, but not likely that they are both pregnant. As...
  17. envisionary333

    Guinea Pigs and Hammocks, Cuddle Cups etc

    I think most guinea pigs don't like hammocks that don't have a cover or that don't feel very secure under their feet. Since they are ground-dwelling prey animals, they seem to feel safest with something sturdy to stand on and a cover over their heads. If you use a square-shaped cozy that has a...
  18. envisionary333

    Too Short Coroplast???

    When you use the tape to connect the coroplast, make sure to seal it all the way by running your fingernail over the edges and where they overlap. Otherwise, disposable bedding will stick to it and it will get kind of messy. If you are changing the bedding frequently enough, the urine should...
  19. envisionary333

    My piggy gave birth!!!

    Another thing I wanted to mention about the photos you posted originally is it looks like you were too close for them to be in focus. I can tell because the background is in focus, which is in the range of what the camera can focus at. With most cameras you have to be at least 2 or 3 feet away...
  20. envisionary333

    My piggy gave birth!!!

    It would nice to do stacked C & C cages if the baby is a boy, that will save a lot of space but still give them plenty of room. Having the mom spayed probably wouldn't work as two boys with one girl is often a recipe for fighting, unfortunately. You might want to consider adopting another girl...