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  1. nousername

    Hay Has anyone tried Kaytee Supreme Pellets?

    I've heard negative comments against the Kaytee brand. Well, mostly against their "Timothy Complete pellets". But has anyone tried their Supreme Pellets? I read many comments and recommendation online saying that it is very good. And piggies love it. Is it true? Or should I buy other brand...
  2. nousername

    Where to Order? Where to buy hay in NYC?

    I was actually planning to buy from sweet meadow farm, I heard a lot of good reviews of them and their price is about 10 to 20% cheaper. I'm checking around my neighborhood tomorrow coz I think there's a bird seed store. Not sure if they carry hay. And y r you throwing away uneaten hay everyday?
  3. nousername

    Where to Order? Where to buy hay in NYC?

    Hay is very expensive in NYC, especially in Manhattan. 6lbs of hay costs me around 30 dollars. Check on the internet, a website called KMS sells 9lbs for 12 dollars plus a 16 dollars shipping. 3 lbs more but the price is pretty much the same. Does anyone live in NYC and know a place to get...
  4. nousername

    Diet Can guinea pigs eat rice?

    I'm talking about white rice like we usually see in Chinese supermarket or diner. If they can eat it, should be raw or cooked? I have a whole bag of white rice at home:ohmy:
  5. nousername

    Won't Eat My new guinea pig only eat when listening to Adele?

    You may think I'm joking:o But I am not. I got him 3 days ago, only fed him carrot, apple, orange and green bell peppers. He didn't eat anything in day 1, started to eat a little bit in day 2 whenever we are not looking. And I was just sitting on my sofa and randomly playing Adele, and I...