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  1. DroidGuineaPig

    Congested Guinea pig with allergies

    I don't think she has allergies. I'm guessing she has a URI. Get her to a vet ASAP.
  2. DroidGuineaPig

    Conditions Mo has a red nose and hair missing, what's wrong?

    I don't know anything about it but it looks serous so I would take Mo to the vet.
  3. DroidGuineaPig

    Wheezing Peanut's Medical Thread

    Thanks bpatters. Do you know any home treatment that might be beneficial for Peanut?
  4. DroidGuineaPig

    Wheezing Peanut's Medical Thread

    If you could reply when there in stock again that would be great. Also can you post a link to the website.
  5. DroidGuineaPig

    Wheezing Peanut's Medical Thread

    Thank You. I love my picky piggies!
  6. DroidGuineaPig

    Wheezing Peanut's Medical Thread

    Thank You!!! They always get unlimited hay but ill look into buying them wood chews. The problem is that the only ones they like are the willow balls and they tear those apart in a day and there 3 bucks each.
  7. DroidGuineaPig

    Crusty Eyes Guinea pig suddenly acting sick and then getting better, up and down moods

    I had trouble convincing my mom of going to the vet too. Eventually she saw how bad my pig was and took him. As for the situation Anna definitely sounds sick and you should try to get her to the vet ASAP. Also what type of wood are you using?
  8. DroidGuineaPig

    Wheezing Peanut's Medical Thread

    I could never do that. I love him too much. And I know life span shouldn't make a difference but my mom doesn't.
  9. DroidGuineaPig

    Wheezing Peanut's Medical Thread

    Unfortunately I dont have a choice. My mom said the pills were the last thing she would pay for because "Guinea pigs dont live very long" (That do sent include nail trimming).
  10. DroidGuineaPig

    Wheezing Peanut's Medical Thread

    UPDATE: The vet called and said she had calculated a new antibiotic for Peanut. She had us buy Baytril 22 Chewable/#7 tablets and told us to give him 1/2 a tablet every 24 hours. We also got a pill shooter to put the pills into his mouth. Questions? Comments? Advice? Concerns?
  11. DroidGuineaPig

    Wheezing Peanut's Medical Thread

    UPDATE: Its been the two weeks of the treatment and nothing has happened. Peanut still keeps wheezing. The good news is that Peanut hasn't got worse. Today Dr. Evans called and told us that since the meds weren't working we would have to take him down to Cat and Exotic care. The problem is...
  12. DroidGuineaPig

    When is my guinea pig going to go into labor?!?

    Exotics Vet ASAP. This is why we dont support breeding on this forum. I'm so sorry, I hope your piggie is okay.
  13. DroidGuineaPig

    Wheezing Peanut's Medical Thread

    OK thanks I'll have to discuss it with my mom.
  14. DroidGuineaPig

    Wheezing Peanut's Medical Thread

    Thanks bpatters. The vet said she had to clip Peanuts teeth because he had teeth misalignment. Sorry if that was not clear. This vet is not an exotics vet and told us if the problem got worse we would have to take Peanut to a place called cat and exotic care. I did int want to take him down...
  15. DroidGuineaPig

    Wheezing Peanut's Medical Thread

    Re: Respiratory Infection? UPDATE: I know its been like 2 months but Peanut was eating normal and acting fine so my mom refused to take him to the vet. But a week ago she finally gave in and scheduled an appointment at our local Animal Care Clinic and we brought Peanut there yesterday. The vet...
  16. DroidGuineaPig

    UTI/Urinary Tract Infection Colonel is squeaking when he pees

    Congratulations!!! Colonel must be so happy. PS: Is he related to Colonel Sanders?
  17. DroidGuineaPig

    UTI/Urinary Tract Infection Antibiotics hadnt worked, Vet says should euthanise

    I'm so sorry!!! Poor thing. Honestly I have no idea what you should do. Its just horrible to have to chose between more antibiotics and/or surgery or euthanizing.
  18. DroidGuineaPig

    Wheezing Peanut's Medical Thread

    Re: Respiratory Infection? Are these contagious? Doi need to quarantine him? P.S is there a way to put videos in?
  19. DroidGuineaPig

    Wheezing Peanut's Medical Thread

    My pig Peanut started doing this a few days ago and doesn't really stop. It sort of sounds like he's wheezing or some thing. (I have a video clip but i dont know how to insert videos from your device.)
  20. DroidGuineaPig

    Weight Loss Overweight Guinea Pig?

    Ok!!! Sounds Good!