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  1. Emily F.

    2 Males Need A Great Home In Vermont

    I am looking for a home for my two males, Jack and Oscar. I live in Bennington, VT. I am moving to Burlington, VT this Thursday, and need a wonderful home for them ASAP. They have been spoiled rotten their whole lives, and can not take them to Burlington with me. They currently live in a 2x5 C&C...
  2. Emily F.

    need hay info

    I buy my hay from Sweet Meadow Farm. Shipping is very fast and fairly reasonable. It took 1 day for them to ship me 25 lbs of hay. It's great quality, and my pigs and rabbit absoutely go nuts over it! Hope this helps!!
  3. Emily F.

    It's Snowing, Again!

    I'm in Vermont, and we got about an inch of snow yesterday. Over the next few days, it's supposed to snow a lot more. It's awful!
  4. Emily F.

    Is this true?

    I have an Abby, and he has so much personality! He doesn't like to be caught, but he adors being petted and fussed over!
  5. Emily F.

    Kaytee Timothy Pellets

    Sorry- Already found out information about these. What brands besides Oxbow and Kleenmana's pellets, are good? I'm in a pinch right now, as the pellets I just got have cracked corn in them.
  6. Emily F.

    Comment by 'Emily F.' in media 'American cavy sign'

    That's a great idea. You always have to be careful!
  7. Emily F.

    sad pig

    I'm very sorry to hear that. My guinea pig had surgery yesterday, too. He will eat when I put something in front of him, and his eyes are watery. When I picked him up from the vets he wasn't moving at all, just cuddled in his cuddle cup. But he is doing well now. Again, I'm sorry about your Moose.
  8. Emily F.

    Putting Two Boars Together

    So.. Jack had his surgery this morning! Everything went well! I'm so relieved! I'm going to pick him up now! Thanks for everything
  9. Emily F.

    Putting Two Boars Together

    The divider is up because as I have stated before, Jack is very dominant, and I'm worried that someone wil get hurt. It is also hard for them to eat together.
  10. Emily F.

    Putting Two Boars Together

    Yes, I know to keep the divider in until a few weeks after Jack's surgery. :) He will actually be in a smaller cage, alone after his surgery. Jack has a sebacious cyst that is going to be removed. I have already introduced them before, but thank you for your help. Doc- No, it is not a neuter...
  11. Emily F.

    Putting Two Boars Together

    I have 2 boars, Jack and Oscar. I would love to have them live together! Oscar is about 3 1/2 years old, and Jack is 2. Jack is very dominant, but not in an agressive way. Oscar is very laid back, and acts like a girl, lol. I have a 2x5 C&C cage for them, that is divided in the middle, each pig...
  12. Emily F.


    rabbitsncavyluv- Yes, it is a sebaceous cyst. This is the second one that Jack has developed. It has not 'popped' yet. My mom thinks the surgery is expensive, but after what everyone is saying, it sounds reasonable enough! Thanks everyone for all the help.
  13. Emily F.


    In your opinion, does $140.00 seem like a lot?
  14. Emily F.


    Last month, one of my guinea pigs, Jack developed a cyst on his back. It eventually popped, and I took him straight to the vets. She gave him an antibiotic, and I cleaned it daily. Well, about 2 weeks ago I noticed another one, but it just keeps growing, little by little. I took Jack to the vets...
  15. Emily F.

    Your shop-vac is better than mine. (hay cleaning help)

    I have a shop-vac. I use it to pick up poops, hay, and little bits of newspaper. It was working very well, until last week it wasn't sucking up anything. I thought it was the filter, so I cleaned that, but it ended up being the hose, which is very long! It's completley clogged, I don't have...
  16. Emily F.

    Completly Lost With Second Level

    Thanks for all your help. If I have any more questions, I will be sure to ask. I have a 2x5, and it's divided in the middle, across the width.
  17. Emily F.

    Completly Lost With Second Level

    I have a 2x5 C&C cage that I bought from Sue. I have 2 pigs in there, with a divider in the middle. I would love to make a second level, but I don't think I am able to make one! I can't make anything. I tried making a C&C for my rabbit, and it turned out awful! I have a few scraps of coroplast...
  18. Emily F.

    Where do you reccomend I buy hay?

    On one of the polls here on cavycages I saw a few members buy their hay from Sweet Meadow Farm, so I decided to check it out as I was looking for a place to buy hay in bulk. It's a family run business out of Massachusetts. They have many different types of hay to choose from. I bought 15 lbs...
  19. Emily F.

    Comment by 'Emily F.' in media 'coroplast hidey house'

    Is that carpet on the ramp?
  20. Emily F.

    Storing Hay

    I just bought in bulk from another company, primarily I should store it in the cardboard box it came in?