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  1. TwilightStar

    Want a Guinea Pig(s) Annoying Cat At Night- Pig Room

    Let me give you some advise, wait until you have your own place. I've been here since 2009, and during that time I was kicked out of my parent's house and living in a 2 bedroom trailer shared with my boyfriend, his mother and grandmother, before I got my own apartment. I definitely never thought...
  2. TwilightStar

    Wondering How My Guinea Pig Passed Away (Rest In Peace, John!)

    I definitely wouldn't get another pet of any sort if you're not in a financial situation to even provide for your guinea pig's basic needs. I apologize for you loss, but next time do more research and really consider if you're in the right financial and living situation to adopt something that...
  3. TwilightStar

    Pregnancy Is my piggie pregnant?

    Nah, I don't live there. It's something I put when I was a kid, haha. I've been on this site for awhile.
  4. TwilightStar

    Chat Big sigh of relief!!!!!!! Thank you every one!!!!!!

    She reminds me of when people have two blonde hair and black underneath. Like two different looks in one. :P I'm glad they're getting along. :D
  5. TwilightStar

    Chat Big sigh of relief!!!!!!! Thank you every one!!!!!!

    Oh my gosh I love her face! haha Yeah, I've noticed guinea pigs will fight over hideys. So I'd always try to have one for each pig at different places in the cage. ^^ They can be silly sometimes.
  6. TwilightStar

    Hay Almost out of hay!

    I'd try and make a little guinea pig emergency fund, that way you don't run out of anything for them again. ^^ Try and put back some money for them in case of a rainy day.
  7. TwilightStar

    Pregnancy Is my piggie pregnant?

    Very cute! I want to see more pictures but they won't load. I do adore baby pigs. C:
  8. TwilightStar

    Treats Are Tropical Carnival High C Treats okay for guinea pigs

    Yeah, I definitely wouldn't feed those to your pigs. Have you tried making an online purchase instead? I rarely if ever even bother to go to stores anymore. I just order the exact thing I need online.
  9. TwilightStar

    Behavior My young guinea pig has been insane since I got her. INSANE!!!

    I would try to adopt a guinea pig next time. :) You'd be surprised at how often poor guinea pigs are abandoned by their owners and therefore needs homes. Search craiglist, FB groups, and the humane society. ^^ Anyways, give your guinea pig some time to adjust. Try winning her trust with feeding...
  10. TwilightStar

    Veg*n Vegeterian turned meat-eater?

    I slipped up about six months ago and indulged in orange chicken. I did get pretty sick, but I think it's more of a mental thing. Just thinking about eating meat makes me feel sick.
  11. TwilightStar

    Want a Guinea Pig(s) Is a Boy or a Girl Guinea Pig better?

    Let me clarify, I did not say I spend 40 dollars on hay and pellets weekly, but 20 dollars weekly on veggies. And also, don't bank on guinea pigs not going to the vet. That's a horrible mind set.
  12. TwilightStar

    RIP Izzy Sparks

    Very heart-breaking. Guinea pigs tend to be quite fragile. You did above and beyond all that you could, and just know that they lived a wonderful life under your care. :)
  13. TwilightStar

    Injury Serious injury

    Waiting til morning will have dismal results. He needs medical attention now.
  14. TwilightStar

    Injury Serious injury

    Take him to an emergency vet. It's possible your cat injured him as scratches do not appear out of no where. Take your guinea pig to an emergency vet ASAP or he won't last the night. Put his cage mate in a closed cage behind a lock door, so that your cat will not injure him, too.
  15. TwilightStar

    Blog aquarium or expand?

    Good plan! Your guinea pigs will adore the extra run space. :)
  16. TwilightStar

    Blog aquarium or expand?

    Aquariums are harmful to a guinea pig's health for they do not provide proper ventalation and should never be used. Like Kim said, guinea pigs don't really like a lot of levels. Just extend the base if you want to give your guinea pigs more room.
  17. TwilightStar

    Eyes/Non-crusty Larger, Bluish Eye

    Any specific tear replacers you reccomend? The vet told us that we need to buy some so her eye lid doesn't dry out, since her eye lid can't cover her eye. He said no visine but didn't say a specific brand.
  18. TwilightStar

    Hello, from Michigan. =}

    Welcome! I LOVE Chinese Cresteds! I fell in love with a little family of them at a shelter I volunteer at, they are definitely little sweethearts. I also think it's admirable that you are doing research before getting an animal. :)
  19. TwilightStar

    Eyes/Non-crusty Larger, Bluish Eye

    Her eye looks smaller to me, and the vet said that results would be immediate. Perhaps it is only wishful thinking, though. The surgery worries me as I am aware of the risks to small animals. The Vet who will be performing the surgery has done successful surgeries on guinea pigs before, so that...
  20. TwilightStar

    Conditions Blind piggy Kato

    Sorry for believing strongly in something, and not backing down. I don't load my posts with sugar nor do I lace it with poison. I promote adoption is all. I have offered advise. Simple layout, companion and keep things the same.