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  1. Maisiepaisie

    What water bottle do I use??

    I've tried a few different brands but now I stick with the Classic Pet Products made by Caldex Ltd (available from Wilkos in the UK) as my pigs seem to prefer those. They won't drink from the Critter Canteen ones.
  2. Maisiepaisie

    Safe Floor Cleaner?

    The vinegar smell should wear off after a while. If not you could always rinse well and spray with a sweet smelling small animal safe disinfectant. I use THIS. Its good for killing germs but not as good as the vinegar for cleaning.
  3. Maisiepaisie

    what do you guys clean your water bottles with? (especially the nozzle)

    I put the tops of the bottles in the dishwasher but some types of bottle melt so I use a stainless steel chain to clean this. I put the chain inside the bottle (making sure to hold one end outside with my finger) with some hot water (no detergent necessary) and I just shake. The chain cleans the...
  4. Maisiepaisie

    can you paint coroplast

    Some people have used wallpaper borders to decorate the edges of the coroplast. That can look really cool. Re the edible hut - I don't think they're all bad. The Hay Experts sell them and I was under the impression that they only sell items that are safe. I wouldn't have thought this would be...
  5. Maisiepaisie

    Attaching to Grids?

    Just make sure you pull the cable ties tight and cut off the bit that sticks out. That way theres nothing to get a grip on. Also I worry that a pig could get an eye injury if the ends are not cut off.
  6. Maisiepaisie

    Putting a C+C cage on a table?

    I've been wondering about putting the boys cage on a table but I cannot afford a table bigger than the cage so I was thinking of using smaller tables and making a floor from the grids. However what I'm unsure about is if I put connectors on the base, the cage won't sit flat on the tables (I...
  7. Maisiepaisie

    Food Bowls?

    I started using those too. I got some really big ones made from glazed terracotta. I put them on the edge of the vetbed to stop my little burrowers and it worked; they're too heavy to move.
  8. Maisiepaisie

    Hay Rack for an Old Man

    I've still yet to buy a hayrack for my 2 new boys but for the time being I put their hay on a big dinner plate. Its easily accessable and I've never seen them stand on the plate. You could try using one with slightly sloping sides so it would be uncomfortable to stand on and so deter lying in...
  9. Maisiepaisie

    Corocel Sheets versus Coroplast

    I haven' heard of corocel. What is it?
  10. Maisiepaisie

    Litter box

    I've made a litter box out of coroplast. A petstore cage base might be too high for some pigs. I know my older pigs don't like to jump.
  11. Maisiepaisie


    Wow thats big! In the UK the biggest sheets you can buy are 8x4 feet. Don't know if its the same where you are. 8x4 will be enough for the bottom but you'll probably need a little extra for the top. I'm sorry my mathematical brain isn't working properly right now to work it out :o
  12. Maisiepaisie


    What size cage are you planning to build?
  13. Maisiepaisie

    How I built my cage, a pictorial.

    Not sure about the price flower daisy but its much better to use bigger sheets or you will have lots of joins where urine will soak through. I bought some sheets of 4x8 feet for £16 each from a sign makers. Sign makers are the best option and you can find them in Yellow Pages.
  14. Maisiepaisie

    Stands !

    Mine used to be 2 grids high which was easier for me to clean. Now its only one grid high and I find it much harder to clean as it hurts my back because I have to bend too low. I think I may have to make it higher as I'm worried about putting my back out completely. I guess it depends on your...
  15. Maisiepaisie

    Big enough?

    Are there any reasons your mum won't let them inside during summer? Even during summer there are temperature fluctuations that guinea pigs don't cope with well. I'd advising talking to your mum and show her this link https://www.guineapigcages.com/location.htm (scroll down to the bottom).
  16. Maisiepaisie

    Anyone in the US willing to help? Desperate :(

    Someone in the UK ought to start a business importing cubes; they'd make a fortune. I'd do it myself if I knew how to go about it.
  17. Maisiepaisie

    Food Bowl

    I've seen pigs put their nose under the bowl and flip it. The blue bowl in this picture is very light and it used to happen all the time. I didn't use that bowl for ages until recently and the pigs I have now don't flip the bowls. I agree with aqh88 about a heavy and shallow bowl, that's...
  18. Maisiepaisie

    Simplest possible fleece cozy -- how to make?

    There's some instructions on this site. Scroll down to cavy cozies https://www.guineapigcages.com/accessories.htm
  19. Maisiepaisie

    I have made a cage - not so great so far

    I questioned that when someone else in another thread said it but people seemed to think it was harmless. I'd still try to prevent it though.
  20. Maisiepaisie

    I have made a cage - not so great so far

    Collard and turnip greens should only be fed once or twice a week rather than a staple of their diet, and only 1 baby carrot each per day. Check out this veggie chart...