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  1. WheekingPiggies

    Pooh Bear and Eeyore! <3

    Oh my gosh, they are such cuties! I'm obsessed with the names too. Makes me want to go with Disney names for future pets!
  2. WheekingPiggies

    Bedding Easiest bedding besides fleece?

    I'd second Carefresh or a similar paper based bedding. I like it better than woodshavings because the Carefresh gets packed down so it doesn't fly everywhere and make a mess. Make sure to shop around, since it can be pricey. It's currently on sale here...
  3. WheekingPiggies

    Reintroduction: Canadian Cavies

    Welcome back! I remember seeing you around awhile ago! I'm glad you are at a better point in your life. All of your piggies are super cute as well. I didn't know you had a youtube. I'll have to check it out!
  4. WheekingPiggies

    my new skinny pigs

    I love the names! Congrats on your new additions! I absolutely adore skinny pigs! I miss my past one, Flower, so much.
  5. WheekingPiggies

    Hiding Gunky stuff on hideys-How to clean?

    Oh, I washed Domino's pigloo when I watched him one time. lol I just used dish soap and water, like I would for their bowls. So don't worry, it has been cleaned before, haha!
  6. WheekingPiggies

    Vegetables Veggie Cubes

    That sounds like a great idea! Perfect refreshing treat for a summer day. Just make sure you defrost them a bit so they're easier for the piggies to eat. It's funny, some others don't really understand making special things for your piggies just because it's a fun thing to try. I love making all...
  7. WheekingPiggies

    Fur My Abyssinians don't like to be pet.

    Funny that you say that, because all of my abys have been the same way. (In the cage at least.) I've had three abys and they all refused to be pet while in the cage. My other breeds will tolerate or enjoy it. I do think that their fur has something to do with it. I'm sure there are some abys...
  8. WheekingPiggies

    Photos Any pigs on Instagram?!

    Yep, the Instagram for my girls is WheekingPiggies!
  9. WheekingPiggies

    Bedding Noodle rugs?

    Is that the material that locker rugs are made out of? Like these: http://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B008RNRCIK/ref=mp_s_a_1_1?qid=1450577378&sr=8-1&pi=SX200_QL40&keywords=locker+rug&dpPl=1&dpID=41yXnWPQmSL&ref=plSrch If so I love using these for my piggies! They really enjoy laying on them and they...
  10. WheekingPiggies

    Treats Guinea pig Christmas "cookies"

    I just watched this video a few minutes ago! It's perfect timing because I was trying to think of what I could make for the guinea pigs, because I already made my dog and gerbils some Christmas treats. As we know, guinea pigs can't have a lot of different ingredients :( I feel like apple or...
  11. WheekingPiggies

    Introductions Thinking of adopting a new female pig to bond with my female

    Yes, it's definitely recommended to quarantine! You'll want to keep her in a separate room for 2 weeks to prevent the spread of any illnesses the new piggy may have. Pet store cages are great for temporary quarantine cages or you can makeshift a cage with grids and a shower curtain.
  12. WheekingPiggies

    Hello from California

    Welcome to the forum! Guinea pigs really are a delight. I just wanted to say, I absolutely love your cage! The all black looks so sleek and modern. Your girls have a ton of running room in there too. I also love the fleece print!
  13. WheekingPiggies

    Behavior Laying down?

    First, your piggies are super adorable! Is one a teddy? Laying out in the open is a great sign, as it means they are very comfortable and relaxed. My teddy, Paisley, loves to plop down out in the open and it's the cutest thing!
  14. WheekingPiggies

    Grow Your Own Fresh from the garden

    We actually had a pretty good harvest this year! We decided to do our garden pretty last minute, but most of our veggies did well! We did plants on our patio for the first time (cilantro, cucumber, and green pepper) and these did great, so we will definitely be planting some more in pots next...
  15. WheekingPiggies

    General Questions about care, food, etc.

    Alright, I have some answers for you! Pellets: Unfortunately the petstore was wrong recommending those to you. You want to give your guinea pigs a plain Timothy hay based pellet. You don't want any seeds, fruit, or colored bits. The best brands of pellets are Oxbow and KMS. KMS can only be...
  16. WheekingPiggies

    A big Hello from the UK!

    Welcome to the forum! We're happy to have you here. Wow, 16 piggies! You've certainly got your hands full. We would love to see pictures of all those piggies and of your pig room as well!
  17. WheekingPiggies

    Media Someone Mistreating Pigs on YouTube

    Oh my goodness, I'm so annoyed now. I understand that some people give their animals improper care because they don't know what they are doing is wrong. She keeps guinea pigs and rabbits together, houses them in tiny cages, and lets them breed and then spouts stupid excuses to justify all of...
  18. WheekingPiggies

    Rescues Guinea pig Secret Santa, never to early!

    I'd suggest sending a PM to the lady who runs Secret Santa at the Facebook page above. The lady who runs the program, Lauren, is based in the UK. I know she would be able to answer your questions. I have actually just found out about it this year, but I believe she's ran this successfully for a...
  19. WheekingPiggies

    Rescues Guinea pig Secret Santa, never to early!

    Too funny that you posted this! I was actually just thinking about letting the members here know about this awesome cause. Of course, I'm definitely participating! I've talked with the lady who runs this project and she is so sweet to dedicate all her time and effort into this project. I really...
  20. WheekingPiggies

    Play Home made toy ideas?

    Well, you didn't have these supplies listed, but these are two of my girls' favorites. 1. Oatmeal container tunnel: If you get your oatmeal in those tunnel like cardboard tubes then you peel the wrapper off, take off the lid, and remove the cardboard on the bottom to make your own version of...