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  1. Maisiepaisie

    looking for some advice

    Are you sure the water bottle is working properly? If you push in the metal ball at the end, some water should come out. I have found that some pigs don't like certain brands of waterbottle so perhaps you could try a different brand as well to see if your pig prefers that.
  2. Maisiepaisie

    Not sure of new pigs sex

    I'm certain now that Peggy is a boy because I have felt a ridge near the penis. It feels the same as Dave's, my other male. I felt some of the girls and they don't have one. What makes some of you think Peggy is neutered? If he is indeed a neutered male then I'll attempt to put him with Elsa...
  3. Maisiepaisie

    Not sure of new pigs sex

    Yes I do feel a ridge! It won't push out any more than what you can see in the pics. I've tried many times.
  4. Maisiepaisie

    Not sure of new pigs sex

    Ok I got some more pics. I had to clean out Peggy's bum so thats another thing that makes me think I have a boy
  5. Maisiepaisie

    Not sure of new pigs sex

    Plopper, no Dave isn't neutered but I only introduced them briefly and he didn't try to mount Peggy. It was Peggy who was acting like a boy. Is it possible for girls to have what looks like male bits? None of my other girls are like that. Also surely Dave would have been very interested if Peggy...
  6. Maisiepaisie

    Not sure of new pigs sex

    I got a new pig 3 weeks ago from a lady who phoned me(she got my number from a local rescue). The lady told me that Peggy had belonged to a man who abused her. A woman nearby took Peggy off the man but shortly afterwards she got evicted and couldn't take Peggy. Some children wanted to take her...
  7. Maisiepaisie

    My piggie is very fat :o(

    How long is it since you switched from mixed food? It took some of my pigs a few months to get down to a normal weight after switching. What weight is Toffee?
  8. Maisiepaisie

    Piggy Vocabulary

    Mine will respond with wheeks when I mention 'veggie time' and 'piggywiggy time'. So cute :love:
  9. Maisiepaisie

    Here are my pigs (56k take a lunch break)

    Beautiful pics. The black and white pig with a black patch over her eye is very much like my Lola.
  10. Maisiepaisie

    Mysterious Death

    I'm so sorry for your loss (((hug))) For me, death is much harder to deal with when it comes out of the blue. I have had a few pigs die who had seemed healthy previously. I don't know why this happens sometimes.
  11. Maisiepaisie

    Missing nails

    Just before Christmas I adopted two more guinea pigs called Scruffy and Dave. Dave is missing 3 nails off his back feet. I can't stop thinking about what awful things may have happened to him as he came from a school. My son tells me to stop worrying as whatever it was, its over now, but I can't...
  12. Maisiepaisie

    Is this the right medicine?

    I think Baytril is the most commonly prescribed antibiotic for a URI. I know its weekend but can you get to a vet before Monday? I certainly wouldn't give the amoxycillin as it could be fatal. I'm not familiar with Vetropolycin either but I would check with Guinealynx like Wheek Wheak suggested...
  13. Maisiepaisie

    Is this the right medicine?

    Amoxicillin is penicillin. It will kill a guinea pig. If I were you I would definately find a new vet. I don't know what this vet was thinking to prescribe this as its common knowledge even to non guinea pig owners.
  14. Maisiepaisie

    Poops in food bowl !

    I find some poops in the food dish but I think most of the time they are there because they get stuck to the pigs feet and fall in the dish when the pigs stand on the edge to eat.
  15. Maisiepaisie

    How to put coroplast in....

    If you're using fleece its not necessary to have such high sides, or any at all if you prefer. Its a matter of personal preference. I made my sides about 2" high.
  16. Maisiepaisie


    Don't guinea pigs need natural light? I know I start to feel groggy if I don't see daylight for a while.
  17. Maisiepaisie

    -The horror-

    The same thing happened to my Pebbles some years ago. Somehow his cries woke me up early one morning. I knew instantly something was wrong. I too panicked as I had no wire cutters but I pushed his ears back through the grid then his head slipped out. He'd been trying to get to the girls next...
  18. Maisiepaisie

    Reference This is how to build a second story

    See here to find materials https://www.guineapigcages.com/where.htm
  19. Maisiepaisie

    Grease gland

    I would say clean it as often as necessary. This link tells you what you can use Guinea Lynx :: Grooming
  20. Maisiepaisie

    normal behavior?

    My Poppy was mounting due to a hormone imbalance and she had to be spayed. Hopefully it won't be that serious for Dega but you should check if her nipples are normal. Poppys were enlarged and leaking fluid if you pressed gently.