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  1. Pookie

    Usernames, how did you come up with yours?

    Well, "Pookie" is what I call my little 19-month old son sometimes, and my guinea pig was fairly new in our home, and she is just the cutest thing, so "Pookie" seemed fitting.
  2. Pookie

    Latch for cage

    I used zip ties as a hinge, and a mountain climbing "caribeaner" (excuse the spelling) latch to make sure the lid doesn't get open. My cats are pretty sly, so if this cage ever happened to tilt over, it wouldn't open.
  3. Pookie

    Another Story!

    I'd love to see some pictures of it, what a neat idea!
  4. Pookie

    My Guinea Pig is LOVING her new cage!

    You know, that is funny that you say that, because I've got plans to make it bigger, etc already! Ha, ha! :)
  5. Pookie

    My Guinea Pig is LOVING her new cage!

    She is running around, hopping and skipping and I swear she is singing! Ha, ha! I just finished with it, and it was amazingly easy to do. I didn't have a table for the cage, but the extra set of cubes I bought helped with that, and it has made a strong base for the cage! I love it! The...
  6. Pookie

    I finally found Coroplast! I'm so excited!

    I'll find her a friend eventually. The neighbor works at the Humane Society here, and once-in-awhile guinea pigs show up there. My cage is going to be big enough for two and I know she will love to have a friend to play with! Thanks for replying Jenn!
  7. Pookie

    I finally found Coroplast! I'm so excited!

    Yes, I finally found the Coroplast locally. Several people told us we would have to travel to Dallas to get it, and I sure didn't care to do that. So, my husband called around today at the local sign stores and found it! I'm so happy, I just had to share it with you all! I got two white...
  8. Pookie

    Need Ideas for Naming my Piggie :)

    I have only had my piggie for about 2 weeks, and I just can't seem to find a name for her. I can't call her "Pookie" as this my little name for my 19-month old son. Hee, hee! The original owners called her "Patches", but for some reason, I don't like that name. Her personality is just...
  9. Pookie

    Piggie words

    Purrfect Pets
  10. Pookie


    You say it can be used as "roofing material"? I hope it doesn't have any fiberglass in it, as you wouldn't want your piggie chewing on that? I'm going to see what you bought when I go to Lowes, that might be another avenue for me as I'm not having any luck with finding coroplast.
  11. Pookie

    Newbie here, just want to say Hi!

    I live in Wichita Falls, TX. We have a few sign shops in town, so I will call around to see if they have any coroplast. The local hobby shop says their customers get it in Dallas, but I've already been through Dallas traffic last weekend, so......ha, ha, I'm not real excited about going...
  12. Pookie

    Trimming Nails?

    Oh, thanks for answering on how to use the clippers, or nail trimmer, as that was going to be my next question!:)
  13. Pookie

    Trimming Nails?

    Oh, thank you so much for replying! Her nails are black, and they are just beginning to curl a little bit. Not super bad or anything. I've been keeping my eye on them. Glad you mentioned having corn starch or coffee grounds nearby in case I cut too close. As, I had forgotten that works for...
  14. Pookie

    Trimming Nails?

    I noticed my piggie's nails need a trim, or at least I think they need trimmed. How long should they be? How do I trim them? I have a cat nail trimmer tool, will that work? I'm so afraid I will trim them to low or hurt her! :ohmy: Thanks for the help!:)
  15. Pookie

    sharing a new photo session of my babies!

    Ah, they are so cute! Enjoyed all the photos!
  16. Pookie

    Favorite Movie Actor

    Johnny Depp, mmmm, he is so purty, hee, hee!
  17. Pookie

    Waiting for babies...

    Emithebug, congrats on your Cookie having babies! I've never seen Guinea pig babies, what a wonderful thing! When you are in the last part of a pregnancy, there really isn't too much room for a baby to move because they have gotten so big. I couldn't even imagine what 2 or 3 babies would...
  18. Pookie

    Look at this for a guinea pig house

    My husband had some friends who gave a guy from Ecuador a guinea pig as a surpise pet. When he opened up the box, he had the strangest look on his face, because he only knew guinea pigs as a "food source". He didn't eat him, and did keep him as a pet, but they were all shocked at that fact...
  19. Pookie

    Newbie here, just want to say Hi!

    Nope, no buddies yet, I'll find her one eventually, much to my husband's dismay, ha, ha! He thinks I'm crazy for wanting this guinea pig, but she needed a home and I couldn't turn her away!
  20. Pookie

    Newbie here, just want to say Hi!

    Hello, I'm a new Guinea pig owner and just love and adore my little piggie. She is the most loveable! I'm in the process of trying to hunt down some coroplast for a new cage. I'm very excited about building this cage, but having a hard time finding the coroplast in my area! Anyhow, look...