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  1. Maisiepaisie

    I am positively fuming!

    Is it allowed for the name of the store to be posted here? If not, please can you pm it to me Cherish. I live in the Northwest too so will try to get pics and complain if its nearby.
  2. Maisiepaisie

    YOU - helping animals!

    I'm vegan and promote veganism on my myspace. I occasionally do animal rights demos and promote animal rights on my myspace. All my pigs are rescues and live in C&C cages above minimum standards. I volunteered in a small animal rescue until it closed down. I made care sheets to be given out with...
  3. Maisiepaisie

    Oh...you want a guinea pig?

    Ferndelazoo you must be very proud of your children. I've brought mine up the same way - to have consideration for animals. Our pigs are family members. Sometimes I make my kids wait for their meal while I prepare veg for the pigs first. I think the problem is its been so ingrained into society...
  4. Maisiepaisie

    I'd like opinions please

    Great idea about the flyers; let me know if you come up with one that I could download for printing, or maybe I will make one myself. I could get people to help me leaflet outside Pets At Home.
  5. Maisiepaisie

    Getting Along My Take on a 'Breeder Friendly' Site

    I totally agree. I think its a shame that any of the rabbit, guinea pig or any animal forums allow breeding discussions. If more of them were as anti-breeding as this site and Guinealynx, I feel that the message would get through a lot better that their actions are completely unnacceptable. In...
  6. Maisiepaisie


    TX 2 Pigs would it not be possible to put chicken wire or something similiar over the area they roam? Maybe chicken wire wouldn't be strong enough to protect from hawks, I don't know, but its better than nothing. It sounds like the chickens are very vunerable to predators.
  7. Maisiepaisie

    Debate: What is your opinion on breeding programs for zoo's and conservation centres

    I totally agree with the above post. I strongly believe that humans should stop interfering with nature and let animals live their own lives and be free. It is our fault that animals become endangered and then we have these breeding programmes in the name of conservation but it's just another...
  8. Maisiepaisie

    Inside Petco...

    If they didn't work there someone else would, and probably someone a lot less competent who didn't have the pigs best interests at heart. I avoid buying supplies from petstores because I don't want to give them profit. Thats helping them, but people from here working there is helping the pigs. I...
  9. Maisiepaisie

    Inside Petco...

    I fall into this category but I have to say I'm with Crazywiggy on this one. I'd much rather that the petstore staff had knowledge and actually cared for the well being of the animals. I can see that some people might see them as hypocrites but I think the good they can do outweighs that. I've...
  10. Maisiepaisie

    new here!!!! hello guys!!!! Need yer advice!!!

    Please don't feed the trolls and hopefully they'll go away. If PetSmartPiggy isn't a troll she must be an absolute idiot but I'm more inclined to think her post was made purely to invoke a reaction.
  11. Maisiepaisie

    Guinea pigs as livestock

    Whats wrong with it is that she gives the impression from her posts that the animals are treated as pets. They have names and are loved by her children, then they are slaughtered. A life lost for a little meat that probably would do no more than one meal for her family when that life is a guinea...
  12. Maisiepaisie

    Guinea pigs as livestock

    Why? Are those animals less worthy? Like others have said, I too am sickened by this thread but its more to do with the fact that Fillygate has no qualms about killing animals with her bare hands. What kind of person is capable of that? I cannot imagine how anyone can be of the mindset to do...
  13. Maisiepaisie

    I've had it with the free ads.... ARGH!

    I would tactfully point out that its not really convenient for her to be visiting and offer to update her with photos every 6 months or so instead.
  14. Maisiepaisie

    My disgusting page on pet stores.....

    Where do you buy your supplies from then Landhermie?
  15. Maisiepaisie

    A thought against animal welfare

    Isn't that what the law's about now? We're not allowed to do certain things because someone decided they were wrong. I imagine that if the majority of meateaters were wiped out by disease it would include most, if not all those directly involved in the meat industry so there'd be no meat anyway...
  16. Maisiepaisie

    A thought against animal welfare

    I understand what you're saying John. I believe that neither humans nor animals should be exploited. I also think we should all do as much as we can to be environmentally friendly. Although I believe strongly in all these issues, the main one I focus on is animal rights. I donate more cash to...
  17. Maisiepaisie

    A thought against animal welfare

    I agree with all the above. In my last post I was referring to people living in the Western world where its really easy to get vegan food. Its also really easy to learn to cook too. I was always too lazy to attempt it until I became vegan. It surprised me how easy it actually is. You just follow...
  18. Maisiepaisie

    A thought against animal welfare

    I disagree. I think the majority of people don't care, or at least not enough to do anything about it. Take my mum for example, I tell her about the animals that are tortured for her cleaning and toiletry products but she still buys them. I tell her how male chicks are minced alive or thrown in...
  19. Maisiepaisie

    A thought against animal welfare

    It is already banned in the UK. Big animal testing companies such as Procter & Gamble and Unilever do their dirty business abroad. It would make more sense to ban such products from being sold in the UK but that won't happen anytime soon. If these companies would stop seeking extra profit by...
  20. Maisiepaisie

    My disgusting page on pet stores.....

    If Nikoley is thoroughly vetting all the people who buy animals then the only thing she's really doing wrong is buying animals off breeders. What would be wrong with the store itself being a rescue if they did all the things I suggested in my last post?