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  1. sstickly22

    Hay Any green hay this year??

    I was unaware are any discount code?
  2. sstickly22

    Hay Any green hay this year??

    I am also from Michigan and I just priced out 10 lbs of Orchard Hay from SMS and Sierra and there is only a 5 dollar difference Does anyone have an opinion on which one i should order since the difference is not an issue?
  3. sstickly22

    Fleece Where to buy Halloween Fleece???

    Has anyone found a good place online or local for Halloween Fleece? Our Joann's does not carry any and they only have 2 patterns online I could find. Any suggestions?
  4. sstickly22

    How Old Until No Baby Proof?

    I just asked this as I just got a 4 week old female. I the answer I found was 6 months but I am assuming that it depends on the size of the pig also. My male was 3 months and was HUGE but my female is tiny. I think there is some common sense that comes into play with the timing.
  5. sstickly22

    Introductions Help with Introductions!

    I have a 2 X 6 lower level as I know the 2x2 and 1 x 2 upper levels don't count. I did clean everything and put all new hidey houses in. I think Darwin has worn herself out because now she will chase her and then fall asleep for a while and do it all over again. She is letting her eat so I...
  6. sstickly22

    Introductions Help with Introductions!

    OK so I am sorry for posting so many questions today. I have not been active in quite a while. My new 4 week old pig was introduced to my 2 females and neutered male today due to her not eating and while she is happy now my dominate female pig is not taking to the idea of adding a 4th to their...
  7. sstickly22

    C&C How long to double grids for baby pigs

    I am introducing my 4 week old to my 3 existing pigs tonight so she will finally eat. Does anyone know how long (what age) they have to be to no longer need to double grid the cage???
  8. sstickly22

    Sick New baby pig not eating

    I picked up my baby pig last night, she is 4 weeks old and she has not eaten anything since she has been home. I have tried to force feed her this morning thinking she misses her mom and she needs to get some water in and she just lets the water run down out of her mouth. She I break the...
  9. sstickly22

    Bonded young female piggies. 1.5 years old w/ supplies, Dallas, Texas

    These pigs are amazing. None of the rescue are willing to transport/ship them are they? I am still looking for a female pig or two.
  10. sstickly22

    Wanted: Female Guinea Pig in Michigan

    Hello!! I have been looking for a while for a new piggy to play with my 2 females and neutered male. I have not been having any luck with the Humane Society and Craigslist. I think there is a pig shortage as there are usually a bunch of them. Anyone know if someone in the Detroit to...
  11. sstickly22

    Where to buy foam for tunnels

    I just made 3 tunnels and my pigs love them but I was wondering if there was any place less expensive for foam? I was paying 9.99 a yard for 1/2 in foam. Let me know what you all have used in the past. Thanks!
  12. sstickly22

    Where to find Colored water bottles

    I have seen lots of pictures of cages with colored water bottles but I can't find them online. Anyone know where you can buy/order them?
  13. sstickly22

    Fleece Joann's Blizzard fleece $2.99 per yard

    Has anyone been able to find the pattern called "Dino" at Joann's. It is a teal green background with orange and black dino's on it. I need like 1 more yard to fit my cage. I live in Michigan if anyone has seen it anywhere.
  14. sstickly22

    Fleece Joann's Blizzard fleece $2.99 per yard

    I don't sew my cage liners. I used to sew the fleece to the uhaul pads but I have way to many different fleece patterns I wanted to use and did want to buy stock in uhaul. Now I use binder clips to attach the fleece to the coroplast and I think it works very well. My pigs are not able to...
  15. sstickly22

    Fleece Black Friday at Joann Fabric

    Anyone get a great deal on Black Friday? I think it might be fun to see pictures of everyone black Friday fleece haul. I will post mine ASAP! Anyone else in?
  16. sstickly22

    Fleece Joann's Blizzard fleece $2.99 per yard

    I use blizzard, I haven't had any issues with it once I switched to the U-haul pads underneath but I would love to hear more input. I do have several set of anti-pill also. I guess I never really noticed a difference.
  17. sstickly22

    Bedding Kitchen Help! Yesterdays News vs Equine Fresh Vs. Wood Stove Pellets

    I tried Yesterdays news for my pigs in their 2x2 Kitchen and I was surprised that after less then 1 day it has an ammonia smell? Has anyone else had this issue? I usually use Equine Fresh in there but I heard some people were using hardwood stove pellets which I am assuming are very close to...
  18. sstickly22

    Hay Bale Hay/Mixed with Alfalfa

    Since KM is out of bluegrass I figured I would try the feed stores and buy a bale. Most of them only have grass hay mixed with alfalfa. Is this OK for my pigs? I have a 6 year old, 1 year old and 6 month old. Is there a specific type I should be asking for?
  19. sstickly22

    Hay KM's no bluegrass!!! HELP!

    I have severe allergies to timothy hay and all my pigs are over 6 months. Is there some other hay I should try? Or another company? Every time I get Oxbow I can't breathe. Thanks
  20. sstickly22

    Fish Stuffed Toy Cozie?

    I got the fish Wednesday and all 3 of my pig LOVE it! There is a little ball attached to it and my male plays with it all the time! Thanks!