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  1. Raene

    Cage Let's see your cage Pictures please.

    It didn't upload right in the first picture so here it is!
  2. Raene

    Cage Let's see your cage Pictures please.

    This is my newest. I've had the cage a few weeks but finally got the fleeces in. The forest is on the lid so it makes a nice hidey when the lid is down. :)
  3. Raene

    Comment by 'Raene' in media 'New Arrangement and Small Expansion'

    How do you find fleeces and coroplast to fit??
  4. Raene

    Coroplast When you add on a grid...?

    I have four sows in a 2x4 at the moment. They are 7 weeks old so it doesn't feel like a bad situation yet but I know I need to expand.
  5. Raene

    Coroplast When you add on a grid...?

    How do you adjust the coroplast? I bought the expensive kind from gpcages.com and I love it, but it's only a few weeks old and I bought too many guinea pigs, so I'm needing to expand. Wondering if there's a cheaper option, like just getting a small piece and taping the two together, or if I...
  6. Raene

    Diet For those feeding pellet-free

    I don't have a scale in my house, so I have no idea what they weigh. They are HUGE guinea pigs in general, twice the size of my Abyssinian that I used to have, but the guy said they had a big dad. They aren't fat, just a tiny bit chubby. He was giving them several heads of romaine each day...
  7. Raene

    Diet For those feeding pellet-free

    How much veggies, etc are you giving to your piggies? I have four in one cage and they are NOT pellet free but don't seem to eat many pellets (they are still offered) but I wonder if I'm feeding them enough veggies. Well, they are chubby girls anyway, but still...I want to make sure. I just...
  8. Raene

    Zero to Eight in 2 Weeks

    Thank you!! And do you feel that 2x10 is big enough for the 8 pigs, or no? I have plenty of grids. Just need to adjust coroplast.
  9. Raene

    Zero to Eight in 2 Weeks

    I'm not new to guinea pigs, but after my last one died I took a few years off. I just got one a few weeks ago, felt badly about not getting two, went back two days later and got the sister. A few days later I went on CL and fell for a sob story and ended up with five more. Meanwhile I had two...
  10. Raene

    C&C Help with bad math skills...4x4 vs 2x4, etc

    Yes, well, when you are 32 you may not remember it anymore. When you don't use formulas they are easily forgotten. I never measure things...I'm a book author.
  11. Raene

    C&C Two cages next to each other?

    Hi, I have two pigs and I'm getting 5 more today (it's a rescue situation). After the 14 day quarantine period, is it okay to put them in cages next to each other or with a divider? Does that make the transition to one cage easier b/c they know each other through the bars? They're all...
  12. Raene

    C&C Help with bad math skills...4x4 vs 2x4, etc

    If I build a 4x4 instead of my 2x4, how many square feet will that give me and how many pigs would work in that space? I have sows. Thanks!
  13. Raene

    Fleece For those with fleece flippers...

    Do you put a flipper under the "kitchen" or litter box area? I have the kitchen from guineapigcages.com and I wonder if I need a flipper under it or if I can save the $ and skip that part of the cage. Thanks.
  14. Raene

    C&C 2x8 Cage Help!

    Call me crazy but I'm taking in FIVE guinea pigs today. They are currently living in a 2x8 C&C cage. I'm wondering a few things. 1) If my 2 girls get along with them, can I combine the cage with my 2x4 or should I just house them separately? 2) Can there be "too many" as long as you have...
  15. Raene

    C&C 2x4 for 2 and Getting More...WWYD?

    I got a 2x4 which includes stand, lid, and coroplast. Now I'm rescuing two more pigs and if all goes well they will all 4 be in one cage. What size would you do for 4 baby sows? Keep in mind we have a cat and would prefer one story of cage, but I'm fine with an L shape. Some things I've...