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  1. luvmyboyz

    His name was Chuckie

    Thank you all. I know I`m not alone. Piggies steal our hearts and take a piece of it when they go RIP mommys boy
  2. luvmyboyz

    His name was Chuckie

    He was an angel, that brought so much joy. His name was Chuckie and on 4/23/10 he died in my arms. I guess it was a peaceful death, he hadn`t been sick. He`d been popcorning the day before eating and playing with his water bottle. I miss that sound, he loved to pull his empty papertowel roll...
  3. luvmyboyz


    I am so sorry for your loss. Such a sweet face. RIP little on.
  4. luvmyboyz


    Can Piggies have Coconut. Of course in small amounts.
  5. luvmyboyz

    The Chronicles of Chalmette

    Oh Chalmette, you are such a good girl, and I`m so glad your life is getting better everyday. I pray for you to continue being happy. Your day`s are now filled with wonderful surprizes instead of fear and pain. Learning about love is fun isn`t it. Keep us updated.
  6. luvmyboyz

    Sir Charlie-Parsley

    I`m so sorry.
  7. luvmyboyz

    Training your piggy to "Go in a circle!"

    I don`t expect my guys to do tricks for treats or food. I don`t have to, why should they? I love to see the way they act naturally when they see the food coming, to me thats much nicer then training them.
  8. luvmyboyz

    The Chronicles of Chalmette

    Chalmette, your lady sounds wonderful. I`m so glad your feeling better and on your way to a happier life. Your story has brought tears to my eyes but also smiles. I pray your life keeps getting better. You are in my thoughts. Tell your lady, thank you from me.
  9. luvmyboyz


    I`m so sorry for your loss. She was a lovely girl, who because of you lived a wonderful life. I`m in tears because I know your in pain and that another sweet angel has left us. I`ve said it before but I`ll say it again. These babys of ours get into our hearts and we can never let go. My thoughts...
  10. luvmyboyz

    My guinea pig an American Idol fan!!!

    My Husband gets upset when someone says," Guinea pigs aren`t very smart." Cause these guys surprize us everyday. Oreo loooves when my Husband does shawdow puppets on the wall. His little head follows any where they move.
  11. luvmyboyz

    My guinea pig an American Idol fan!!!

    Our Chuckie used to love the show, The singing bee. When the show is on he`ll turn to watch it but when the commercials come on he turns away, once the show comes back on he turns back to look at the T.V. It`s so cute. Sadly it hasn`t been on for awhile.
  12. luvmyboyz

    Just became a father...

    I work at a customer service desk at a grocery store. I talk about my guys so much that even the customers come in and say " How are the piggies today? Did they do anything cute? " Anyway welcome, you and your guys will love it here.
  13. luvmyboyz

    sweet Piggie personality thing

    Aww, that is sweet.
  14. luvmyboyz

    Hercules Tribute

    I`m sorry for your loss. I can tell he was loved very much.
  15. luvmyboyz

    Rest Well Oatmeal Muffin

    I`m so sorry. It hurts so much to lose one of our angels, my thoughts are with you.
  16. luvmyboyz

    Miranda - Our Oldest

    I`m so sorry.
  17. luvmyboyz

    Thinking of Dexter

    When I would give Mikie his meds. I always had lettuce or carrots waiting as a treat. What was funny is he ended up loving that Mommy and me time, so even after he was out of meds. and not sick anymore, we still had to put the towel on the table and I would have to give him droppers of water. He...
  18. luvmyboyz

    Thinking of Dexter

    Yay, Dexter. Keep getting better.
  19. luvmyboyz

    My Sweet Baby Ella

    I`m so sorry for your loss.
  20. luvmyboyz

    Thinking of Dexter

    I sure hope Dexter gets better. I had a run in with a not to swift Vet. also. It was an emergency Vet. just outside of Chgo. that helped my guy too.