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  1. Maisiepaisie

    Stinky Fleece. Baking soda?

    I also find towels start to stink very quickly. Mattress pads are much better for absorbing the smell. If you want to continue with towels, I think all you can do is wash them more frequently. Is the pee confined to one spot? If it is, perhaps you could put an extra towel there and change it...
  2. Maisiepaisie

    Has anyone changed from fleece to shavings?

    Has anyone ever found that washing fleece damages the washer? I'm pretty lazy when it comes to getting every bit of hair and hay off and quite a bit of hair does get washed with the fleece. I figured it would just get rinsed away and it doesn't seem to be causing any problems.
  3. Maisiepaisie


    Is the mattress pad designed for absorbing urine? The only thing I can think of is that its not absorbant enough.
  4. Maisiepaisie

    Fleece problems - advice needed

    Most of my pigs poo is under they hideyhouses so I put a piece of Vetbed under there. I take it out and shake the poos off twice daily and the rest of the poo I pick out by hand. I used to vacuum but the wet poo was making the bag soggy and split. I was given a Dyson vaccuum but I much prefer...
  5. Maisiepaisie

    Vetbed or Fleece - my situation

    I use fleece but I recently started using pieces of vetbed under the hideyhouses as it was getting wet under there with just fleece. I like vetbed as it stays dry. I bought a 5m roll from ebay for £60 but it hasn't come yet. I'd like to use it over the entire cage but I think a piece that size...
  6. Maisiepaisie

    Urine stains on coroplast

    I use 50/50 vinegar and water also but for really bad urine scale neat vinegar works well. Pour it on and leave to soak for about one hour before scouring off.
  7. Maisiepaisie

    Vetbed and cheaper alternatives

    The seller had another listing for a 1 metre piece so I bought that. Its great; keeps dry and the pigs love it.
  8. Maisiepaisie

    Vinigar in the washer?

    So let me get this right: I can put vinegar in the detergent compartment, vinegar in the softener compartment and vinegar directly on the laundry, and this will clean without the need for detergent?
  9. Maisiepaisie

    Vinigar in the washer?

    Vinegar in the softner compartment helps to remove traces of detergent, which could possibly cause irritation to sensitive pigs skin.
  10. Maisiepaisie

    Vetbed and cheaper alternatives

    When I collected Flossie after surgery the vets had very kindly given her a sheet of Vetbed to come home with. She loves it and I'm very impressed with the softness and how it stays dry, so I want to get more for going under the hideys. Sometimes it can get wet under there but if I have a lot of...
  11. Maisiepaisie


    I agree with Envisionary about the mattress pads under fleece, they work so much more efficiently than towels. When I first tried fleece with towels I thought "Oh my God, how can people prefer this to shavings?" and I gave up. I tried again with mattress pads and I love this bedding.
  12. Maisiepaisie

    How much fleece?

    Five grids long is exactly 2 yards so there wouldn't be extra fleece to tuck over the edges, it would just lie flat in the cage. Also I'm not sure if the fleece shrinks after washing as I've done all my measuring and cutting afterwards. For a 2x5 you will need a minimum of 2 yards and 24"...
  13. Maisiepaisie

    fleece users: how do you keep the hay off the fleece to protect your washing machine?

    I tried having a litter box but most of my pigs wouldn't go over the ramp into it. I made a haybox with a low edge out of a cardboard box which was ok but it sections off the cage and doesn't do much for keeping the hay off the fleece. At the moment I'm just putting newspaper under the hayrack...
  14. Maisiepaisie

    Raise your hand if you've....

    I'm thinking about it :) Thanks for the tip about fabric sales, I never thought of that. I'll look out for some bargains.
  15. Maisiepaisie

    Does Fleece=Smell?????

    Waterproof pads are good if theres absorbent layers on top and the waterproof layer is at the bottom, those are the type I'm using. Ctinaw I only use one layer of pads. I got them from Amazon.
  16. Maisiepaisie

    How many sets of fleece do you own?

    I have two sets. I also have some fleece blankets in plain colours, pink and lilac but I only use the blankets for floor time. Two sets should suffice really but I love the daisies on black from the links Jennie Feathers posted https://www.guineapigcages.com/forum/cafe/30910-should-i-get.html...
  17. Maisiepaisie

    Does Fleece=Smell?????

    Look out for mattress pads that 'lock away wetness'. I don't have a problem with smell but I did when I was using towels even with loads of layers.
  18. Maisiepaisie

    Does Fleece=Smell?????

    If each grid is 14" thats 84" or about 88" taking the gaps into consideration. 2.5 yards would give you 90" so I would get 3 yards giving you room to tuck in. Don't forget you need extra to go up and over the sides of the coroplast if you're doing it that way. I find that the easiest way as it...
  19. Maisiepaisie

    Help! Fleece not working.

    You can use any kind as long as they are washable and absorbent. THESE are the ones I use.
  20. Maisiepaisie

    Moldy Poop along the Cage Walls. Yuck!

    Yes but you have so much more space than my pigs so theres probably less pee per square foot in your cage. My cage is 24 square feet for 5 pigs. Those pads I use don't look like much but they're incredibly absorbent.