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  1. SkippyQ

    Ratties Orphaned rats HELP

    We currently have a rat problem in our house,we bought a live trap and last night caught the main one causing problems.my husband took it outside and released it where it wouldn't come back. We were happy because this rat was not only smarter than all the other traps but was destroying our...
  2. SkippyQ

    Reference DIY Natural Room Scents

    For the oranges is it the peel? Or the whole orange
  3. SkippyQ

    Photo of the Wheek! Contest: Spring Pigs!

    Smores enjoying the weather
  4. SkippyQ

    Animal Welfare Adopt a pet and don't have funds for vet!

    For the people who think you should have a credit card or a couple thousand in savings before adopting a pet or even having children,what if that isn't realistic? Not everyone I that lucky. Personally my family lives comfortably but also pay check to pay check. We would never qualify for a...
  5. SkippyQ

    Tornadoes heading our way!

    Glad you're ssafe we had a few tornados last week,ready for summer so tornado season will be over with
  6. SkippyQ

    Throat surgery

    Yogurt,pasta (something light and creamy like Alfredo),Popsicles,canned fruit (they're softer than fresh) Slushies using fresh fruit,peanutbutter. sorry about your throat,that sounds painful.
  7. SkippyQ

    Diet Can she eat chicken?

    I thought so,and I didn't believe the person to begin with. seems ridiculous someone would feed any animal that amount of human food tbh
  8. SkippyQ

    Diet Can she eat chicken?

    I was browsing the internet about what guinea pigs can and can't eat and found this? can they really eat oats,diary products,meat etc? I thought they were only supposed to have veggies/plants since they're herbivores Can guinea pigs eat unbaked oatmeal? - Yahoo! Answers is there any truth at...
  9. SkippyQ

    Conditions New Pig,

    Aww :) he adorable. Is he really soft? I've always wondered if hairless rodents were soft lol
  10. SkippyQ

    Flags Breeder :(

    Maybe they just don't know? I don't know,I don't think their pricing is immediate grounds to assume they are breeders
  11. SkippyQ

    Flags Breeder :(

    How can you tell if they are intentional breeders?
  12. SkippyQ

    Mice Wild rats/mice and caged pets

    There's alot of holes they have completely chewed through parts of the subfloor and walls and you can see outside. it was like this when we moved in and it's a really old farm house
  13. SkippyQ

    Mice Wild rats/mice and caged pets

    I have a pet rat and a guinea pig.i have rats and mice in my house,have for over a year. It's mostly field mice and for sure one very large brown rat who lives under the bathroom and comes out at night. I hear him thumping and squeaking at night. The mice get in the living room and kitchen at...
  14. SkippyQ

    Ratties Post your rattie pictures!

    Here's my rat Willard :) hes a sweetheart
  15. SkippyQ

    Play Piggies and rats playing

    I was told her head tilt is permanent,and that's he had a URI previously. I am taking her to the vet this week to rule out an ear infection,just incase.i would hate to let her suffer just because i listened to someone and not get a second opinion(I got her from Petco) willard has a really...
  16. SkippyQ

    Play Piggies and rats playing

    Yes,I was told it was permanent but I'm taking her to the vet Monday just to make sure. and thank you :) we plan on getting another rat and guinea pig in the future
  17. SkippyQ

    Play Piggies and rats playing

    My husband and I are new parents to a PEW rat and a guinea pig,and so far were loving it. i read that naturally rats and pigs don't get along,so we haven't been letting them play together. But today it was nice out and we decided to take them in the yard to play and exercise. At firt they were...
  18. SkippyQ

    Cage Cage question

    I currently have a 24x14x15 cage,not a c&c. It's jut a standard cage until I can build a bigger one. right now I'm using Timothy hay for bedding,he has a pigloo in there also. should I be using something else for bedding? I've seen people using fleece,but she likes to nest in the hay. id would...
  19. SkippyQ

    Diet Canned veggies/fruit?

    Oh ok thanks
  20. SkippyQ

    Diet Canned veggies/fruit?

    Can you feed guinea pigs canned fruit and veggies? or is fresh/frozen better?