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  1. ibeabluedevil

    Loss Guinea pig passed away unexpectedly

    Thank you everyone for your kind words. I just decided to go ahead and bury him, which I did earlier today. I buried him in my back yard near where my other 2 are buried. I don't think I could bring myself to have the poor little guy cut open to try and pinpoint why or how his death may have...
  2. ibeabluedevil

    Loss Guinea pig passed away unexpectedly

    This evening I found my Guinea pig Cotton has passed away unexpectedly. This morning he and his cage mate Yogi were fine, running around, wheeking, eating their hay. They were doing everything they normally do without any indication that this was going to happen. He was not sick, no nasal or eye...
  3. ibeabluedevil

    Sick What could be wrong with my Guinea Pig?

    He's lost about half a pound. I also noticed that his right eye has some discharge as well. Wednesday is the earliest I could get him an appointment because of the 4th of July holiday, and they are the only vet around here that sees guinea pigs. I will update as soon as I find out what's wrong...
  4. ibeabluedevil

    Sick What could be wrong with my Guinea Pig?

    I have a 2 year old pig named Remmy, I've had him since he was about 3-4 weeks old and he's never had any health issues so far. He is a bit more skiddish than his cage mate and doesn't like to be handled as much. He does love to be scratched on the head and chin but that's as fR as he will let...
  5. ibeabluedevil

    General Am I contagious to my pigs?

    Thanks, I was worried for them, I'm releaved to know they can't get it and the precautions I'm taking are good. I do in fact now have the flu and it sucks.�� I feel horrible and if I feel this bad, I can only imagine how my little 4 month nephew is feeling, but he's still got a...
  6. ibeabluedevil

    General Am I contagious to my pigs?

    I may have the Flu already, if not I'm next in line to get it. My sister and my 4 month nephew tested positive for it, they both possibly contracted it this past Thursday when he went to the Dr. for his checkup. My little nephew has been in my care since Tuesday of last week, but he didn't start...
  7. ibeabluedevil

    General Names.....?

    I like the name Chewbacca, but I would shorten it to Chewy and for the multicolored one, how about Patches. I have 6 male pigs and their names are Pickles, Remmy, Opie, Scooby, Cotton and Yogi Bear (I call him Yogi for short).
  8. ibeabluedevil

    General guinea pig choking???

    I had the same thing happen to my piggy Remmy. He got a piece of green pepper stuck in his mouth sideways and he was choking but he couldn't cough it up. It really freaked me out, he was really having a hard time, I thought he was gonna die! So, I acted fast and grabbed the straw out of my juice...
  9. ibeabluedevil

    General Is it harmful?

    It was a piece of dry dog food, just a kernel. Luckily he didn't get to eat any because it was wedged under the weight of the container and he was too little to get it out. He just smelled it under there I guess and was trying his hardest to get at it, LOL.
  10. ibeabluedevil

    General Is it harmful?

    The other day I had my pig Yogi in the kitchen with me while I was preparing the vegetables for him and his brothers. I put him on the floor on his blanket in a place where I had eyes on him at all times, and gave him a carrot to eat to keep him busy and occupied. Being that he's the curious...
  11. ibeabluedevil

    General Best part of owning piggies?

    They are so gentle and sweet. There is no greater feeling than to walk into their room or area and have them wheek at you, you feel like the most special person in the world. And yes, watching them is the funniest and most interesting thing to do. I just recently got my pigs a few of those...
  12. ibeabluedevil

    Sad So sad, some people really make me angry!!

    So, I was checking my facebook page on Thursday evening, and on there I am a member of a local group of people in my are selling stuff. Basically it's an online yard sale and people sell anything and everything. Anyways, a girl on there posted "Is anyone missing a Guinea pig" with a picture of...
  13. ibeabluedevil

    General Do dogs hurt guinea pigs?

    I have a German Shepherd and as sweet and loving as he is, I wouldn't trust him with my Guinea pigs for nothing. He is all the time bringing me wild rabbits he's hunted and captured from around my property. He has even caught mice, I think to myself who needs a cat with a dog like that? It...
  14. ibeabluedevil

    Pellets Protein percentage in pellets

    I don't really mind paying for the shipping if it costs a little bit more than the actual product. For example like bpatters said, if the pellets were $12 and the shipping was $18, I would have no problem with that. But I was gonna order the pellets that cost $39 and then the shipping itself was...
  15. ibeabluedevil

    Pellets Protein percentage in pellets

    Thanks for your help and advice. I think I will pass on the feed store pellets, though they may be cheaper, it's a risk I'm not willing to take with the health of my piggies. I checked out the KMS pellets and they seem to be a good product, however the shipping for them costs way more than the...
  16. ibeabluedevil

    Pellets Protein percentage in pellets

    My Uncle told me that they sell Guinea pig and rabbit pellets at the farm supply store that he buys his chicken feed at. He told me that I can get a 50lb bag of Gpig pellets for only $7. That's a really good deal, but I told him that I was worried that it might not have the correct ingredients...
  17. ibeabluedevil

    Chat Irresponsible Dog Owners

    I don't think that lunarminx was trying to put a bad label on small dogs. I think she was just trying to point out that small dogs can be as dangerous if not more dangerous than the large breed dogs. The media and some people in general always seem to vilify pit bulls, Rottweilers and other...
  18. ibeabluedevil

    Chat What's Your First Name?

    My name is Amanda. My mom said she got the idea from the song Amanda by Waylon Jennings, but if you ask my Dad, Grandpa and sisters they say I was named after Amanda Blake who played Miss Kitty on Gunsmoke. It's one of my Grandpa's favorite western shows and he said he suggested my name.
  19. ibeabluedevil

    Chat Irresponsible Dog Owners

    I absolutely love pit bulls, they are wonderful dogs and I'm drawn to them even more because of all of the anti pit bull people out there, it makes me feel for them and root for them even more! I actually read somewhere (sorry I can't exactly remember where, but I think it was on a website for...
  20. ibeabluedevil

    Conditions Guinea Pig not drinking water

    I finally figured out what Cotton's problem was with not drinking water from his bottle. I tried putting a bowl of water in his cage for him to see if he would drink from that, and instead he just pooped in it! �� I had an extra water bottle that is different in appearance to the...