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  1. Maisiepaisie

    Veg*n Going Vegan

    Plamil make some but I'm not too keen on it. I've just remembered that there's an orange and rice crackle bar made by Humdinger. Those are nice and you can get them from the 'free from' section in some supermarkets.
  2. Maisiepaisie

    Veg*n Going Vegan

    Milk isn't vegan so no, but Organica Swiss Couverture tastes like milk chocolate.
  3. Maisiepaisie

    Veg*n Letter From a Vegan World

    You can get some really nice vegan chocolate, THIS ONE for example. I'm not sure if its available in the US though but there should be something similar. Booja Booja chocolate is to die for but pretty expensive. I'm not a fan of dark chocolate or carob, unfortunately for me.
  4. Maisiepaisie

    Veg*n Going Vegan

    I find this forum a great support and a wealth of information www.veganforum.com I've been vegan for 3 years now but I was vegan 10 years ago then stopped. What's made it easier for me this time is learning to cook and bake yummy vegan cakes. I'm always collecting recipes I see posted online and...
  5. Maisiepaisie

    Veg*n Letter From a Vegan World

    In factory farms, yes most certainly. Cows are selectively bred and given hormones to produce up to 10 times the amount of milk they would need for their calf. Their udders become swollen and infected with mastitis. Sometimes the weight of their udders causes their legs to buckle so farmers may...
  6. Maisiepaisie

    Scared of losing my pigs - please help

    I received a letter from Social Services to the effect that they are not planning to visit unless they get any more reports about me. It looks like I got myself in a tiz over nothing but I'm so relieved now. Thanks everyone for your support, it was a big help.
  7. Maisiepaisie

    Veg*n Letter From a Vegan World

    A vegan world would most definitely be the answer but as Wickedrodent says, not everyone will go vegan. Animal welfare and so called 'humanely produced food' is better than nothing I guess. I'm vegan because I could not live with myself if I was contributing in any way to the suffering I see as...
  8. Maisiepaisie

    Scared of losing my pigs - please help

    I only have guinea pigs. There are 5 girls in the kitchen/diner and 2 boys in the living room. I'm obsessively sweeping up poo and hay several times a day now and cleaning the cages every 3-4 days. I wish social services would just come and get it over with. This is my big cage in the kitchen...
  9. Maisiepaisie

    Scared of losing my pigs - please help

    Thank you guys, you have put my mind at rest somewhat. I'm grateful to be able to confide in others who care about guinea pigs as much as I do. Most people seem to think animals are disposable, to get rid of if they become inconvenient. It upsets me and I don't want to have such people as my...
  10. Maisiepaisie

    Scared of losing my pigs - please help

    I wasn't sure where to put this thread really as its guinea pig related but more about my life really. The situation is this - An ex friend has decided to make trouble for me by calling the police and saying that I neglect my kids and starve them and that my pigs take up half the house and the...
  11. Maisiepaisie

    Need some piggie parent volunteers

    Hi Lesley, I'd be more than happy for you to use any of the pics in my photobucket album or my pigture thread on this forum maisiepaisie/My piggies - Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting https://www.guineapigcages.com/forum/about-guinea-pigs/30680-maisies-piggy-pigtures.html
  12. Maisiepaisie

    Veg*n Ranting about the common omnivore....(Since they're all the same)

    I don't blame you for getting mad at him RJ. I'm vegan and I try to avoid animal tested medicines as much as possible, however I've recently started to take pain killers again for menstrual pain since its got really bad and if I needed a drug to be healthy or to save my life I would take it. It...
  13. Maisiepaisie

    UK/US Translation, Please

    So they actually call them fannypacks in the states? Thats so funny. It reminded me of a couple of years ago when a woman knocked on my door saying my son had been teasing her son by saying he had a fannypack. She was quite annoyed and said "Its not a fannypack, its a bumbag" lol
  14. Maisiepaisie

    UK/US Translation, Please

    Muffin whats the name of that book? I need some motivation to clean my house.
  15. Maisiepaisie

    Veg*n Hi, I'm new to Vegan, how can i be Vegan?

    www.veganforum.com is an excellent forum for information on veganism. I also recommend Viva! - Vegetarians International Voice for Animals
  16. Maisiepaisie

    Veg*n I'm always hungry!

    A good high fibre breakast is the most important meal of the day and helps to keep hunger at bay. Eating healthy wholegrain foods helps to combat snacking.
  17. Maisiepaisie

    Graphics and Text

    Blingee.com | Make your own Glitter Graphics and Profile Comments These are animated but if you take a screenshot (press 'print screen' then paste in another programme such as Paint or Word) the graphics will be non-moving. I use Corel photo album to add text but if you don't have this you can...
  18. Maisiepaisie

    Cell Phone Soup, Anyone?

    If you can, take it apart so it dries quicker and the components don't go rusty. Old Nokia phones are the easiest ones to fix and come apart easily with a very small screwdriver. Not sure about more modern ones though.
  19. Maisiepaisie

    Ebay... what are you playing at?

    I cannot think of any good feedback system they could use. I know usually I don't leave negs even when deserved for fear of getting one back. I'm sure most other people are like this at least to some extent. Edit: I just read through the link and I think the new system is better. Buyer...
  20. Maisiepaisie

    Veg*n this erked me at work today

    I understand what you mean. I didn't know about factory farming and the extent the meat animals suffered until a few years ago. Previously I thought they lived happy lives then were humanley killed. Even with this thought it was still wrong to me to take a life unneccessarily and I stopped...