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  1. G_Piggler

    Bedding ZorbII as an alternative to fleece

    I sure do and I like it! On my largest 3x2 area, I clip one layer of ZORBII (that's II, it's already sandwiched between a soft wicking fabric) under one layer of fleece. Honestly, in 6 months my girls have left only about 5 spots down on this level since they mainly wee up in their kitchen...
  2. PLOOF!


    My little Ploof
  3. G_Piggler

    C&C Girls are in heaven

    Very nice! Lucky babies, congrats! :)
  4. G_Piggler

    Coroplast Cage with no coro sides?

    You're right, mama_ , poos do fly. I have the flat coro panel floor (for easy stretch & clip fleece changes) and I ADDED a zip tied a coro lip (about 4") to the sides and back (like Sam's above.) Poos still sneak out, but not too many.
  5. G_Piggler

    Upper Levels Looking to upgrade, but need advice.

    Cavylier I think this is on the verge of brilliant! Post this photo in the open multi cages Photos section so more folks can see it. Well done and thank you for time and talents.
  6. G_Piggler

    Upper Levels Looking to upgrade, but need advice.

    So to me, a LOFT is a grid floor 5 grid squares up. Gpiggies can still zoom under a loft, and have their cozies up out of lap routes. An upper level is a full grid up, another full cage floor stacked on top. I'm sorry I can't seem to post photos lately, still figuring out why, but check out...
  7. G_Piggler

    Won't Eat New piggy won't eat anything but carrots

    Newbie, but would love to help.... Congrats on your new baby, and does he have a buddy? I'm thinking a healthy buddy could model good Gpig behaviors for him. Personally, I would get a mixed lettuce bag and keep trying until he finds something yummy. I picture a hand towel with piled hay...
  8. G_Piggler

    Coroplast Cage with no coro sides?

    I started with no sides for optimal viewing, and yes, poops flew! I had to baby proof, so sides went up and poops STILL fly. I think SamanthaC02 has it right, but I think a few stray stinkers here and there should always be expected.
  9. G_Piggler

    Goodnight, Rhino

    OH, the hardest thing for a parent to have to do. I feel your pain, and can tell your Rhino was very loved and lucky to have you.
  10. G_Piggler

    Cage Whats in your cage?

    I keep the minimum "stuff" so that my girls can zoom in several patterns. Someone mentioned switching out toys and things, and my girls already LOVE this! After only a few weeks, I think I have every carved wood little fruit thingy made. I have about 5 in the cage at once here and there, and...
  11. G_Piggler

    Upper Levels Looking to upgrade, but need advice.

    Your plan looks good (with L ramp) but I think there are even easier to clean styles out there. 2x4 with no road blocks is great for your boys, so now you just need additional space for beds and a kitchen, right? Well how about a LOFT for the beds and an easy to clean 4x1 upper level for the...
  12. G_Piggler

    Hi Everyone!

    Congrats & welcome! Your Gpiggies are soooo lucky you found this community! You'll learn so much, as I have here. I had time before my babies arrived as well, so I suggest using your time to perfect your C&C cage. I tweaked up 'till adoption, and tweaking is tricky when your critters are...
  13. G_Piggler

    Fleece how often does you carefresh last?

    I have 2" of carefresh in my 2x1 kitchen, and I've had Gpiggies for just a few weeks. My girls seem to only PP in the kitchen now, and still poop everywhere. With the carefresh, you can easily recognize the soiled areas (most Gpigs end up favoring one corner- mine have already,) so I just...
  14. G_Piggler

    Size Ease of access?

    I learned soooo much from viewing the Photos section here! Check out the features section there too, lots of inspiration! Also, narrow lofts (half way up grid) are fantastic, and make for easy cornering when you want to snuggle them.
  15. G_Piggler

    Cage Water bottles in or out?

    My coro sides were too tall in the kitchen, so I put my bottle IN my standard homemade bent grid hayrack INside the cage. I can get the right height, it doesn't take up headroom since it's in the hayrack anyway, and it blocks stinkers from climbing in. I have added a second small bottle...
  16. G_Piggler

    C&C Improvement advice needed . . . .

    I think this looks really nice already! Your kitchen UPSTAIRS can be their private getaway, and up there it won't eat up zoomie routes, nor track kitchen stuff/hay onto your fleece, AND my girls mostly PP up there, yay! I can picture a 3x1 grid LOFT under the upstairs. The loft could be...
  17. G_Piggler

    Comment by 'G_Piggler' in media 'Top Door Open'

    Some quick updates now that we have our Gpiggies! I have covered the ramp with Fleece, & the incline is a bit slippery, so I suggest a mat of some sort for the floor. I think because the side is "open" to be seen inside the cage, they really do not potty in the ramp. We...
  18. G_Piggler

    Comment by 'G_Piggler' in media 'Exterior Ramp Entry'

    I purchased them from Amazon.com and used a mini Hack saw to cut.
  19. G_Piggler

    Comment by 'G_Piggler' in media 'Exterior Ramp'

    @mama_ TY & yes! I had to baby-proof, so I did end up putting a coro lip around each floor- but prior to that and even now poos get flung!
  20. G_Piggler

    Ramps Ramps outside the cage . . . .

    DO it! Outside ramps are ideal. Have a look in the photos section under Ramps. There are quite a few photos that explain the process. If you go with the bent grids, just make sure there's a solid floor, and cover the open squares with fleece or coro or something so they feel safe and are safe.