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  1. DroidGuineaPig

    General I'm not sure if this fits here, but what foods can I feed my pigs while I'm broke

    I don't know if this is an option for you (In terms of were you live). If there is a farm supply near you (or a store like it). They will usually sell you a whole bale of timothy hay for 20 dollars. This bale is about 30 times the hay in a regular hay bag.
  2. DroidGuineaPig

    General Info on food and care

    1) The recommended food is Oxbow, other brands you see at the pet store such as Kaytee and Great Choice are low quality and alfalfa based which is not suitable for adult guinea pig. Just stick to oxbow 2). Guinea pigs do not need vitamin c supplements unless prescribed by a licensed exotics...
  3. DroidGuineaPig

    General My little miss guinea has a boo boo

    It's best not to buy pigs because you feel sorry for them. And Petland is still not a legitimate rescue or shelter they make money off of impulse purchases like petco and petsmart. And you may be attached but its best not to be too attached because pet store piggies don't usually live very...
  4. DroidGuineaPig

    General My little miss guinea has a boo boo

    I know you feel bad for this pet but if you bought the pig like this its already a bad sign. I think you should return the pig to the pet store and get a new pig from a legitimate rescue or shelter. As sad as it is, your better off not supporting companies like petco and petsmart that keep their...
  5. DroidGuineaPig

    Joy I finally got them.

    Nice pigs but that cage is way to small for ONE guinea pig, let alone three!
  6. DroidGuineaPig

    General I'm a New Guinea pig owner, and I have some questions about his behavior.

    What about the midwest cage for housing two females?
  7. DroidGuineaPig

    Fur How long does it take for a short-haired guinea pig's fur to grow back?

    I'm pretty sure guinea pigs have hair. Not fur.
  8. DroidGuineaPig

    Behavior Bladder stone

    "Genesis" pellets are not good. I would feed her Oxbow Essentials Young Guinea Pig Food. And alfalfa pellets and alfalfa hay is fine until they are 6 months old. Then give her Timothy based pellets and timothy hay.
  9. DroidGuineaPig

    Frustrated Where to get guinea pigs

    If you cant get a pig from a shelter, you really should not get a pig at all.
  10. DroidGuineaPig

    Want a Guinea Pig(s) Ideas that I can propose to get another piggy sooner

    Make sure your cage is big enough for 2 pigs. 2 times 4 for females minimum. 2 times 5 for males minimum. *all measurements are meant to be in feet
  11. DroidGuineaPig

    General Alfalfa v.s. Timothy

    What nutrients does timothy have that alfalfa doesn't.
  12. DroidGuineaPig

    General Alfalfa v.s. Timothy

    Why do older guinea pigs need timothy hay and why do younger guinea pigs need Alfalfa? Just curios :)
  13. DroidGuineaPig

    Behavior Can a bright light cause piggies to freak out or is there some underlying cause?

    Guinea Pigs are scared of everything. If I drop lettuce into their cage they run away before coming back to eat it.
  14. DroidGuineaPig

    General Question...

    The heavy duty cardboard from Amazon boxes and heavy packaging is bad for them. But toilet paper rolls and paper towel rolls are fine. My pigs love a toilet paper roll stuffed with hay.
  15. DroidGuineaPig

    Pigsitting Leaving for almost 24 hours

    They should be fine. I've left my pigs for 24 hours alone and they were fine. Just fill up the hay rack as much as you can.
  16. DroidGuineaPig

    How Many Cavies Do You Have? (POLL)

    2 buetifull boys
  17. DroidGuineaPig

    Adopting own two boars, adopting a sow...

    If your two boars even catch a scent of a sow they will start fighting.
  18. DroidGuineaPig

    General Biggest shock of my life

    I suggest neutering the male. Also put the male in a different cage far away from the female if you put them next to each other the male will stop at nothing to escape his cage and get into Brownie's cage. Thats all the advice I have
  19. DroidGuineaPig

    Hiding Day 1 1/2 And I Am Sure My Pig Hates Me And Will Never Change

    Dont do impulse buying when it comes to guinea pigs.
  20. DroidGuineaPig

    Hiding Day 1 1/2 And I Am Sure My Pig Hates Me And Will Never Change

    From now on dont buy pigs from pet stores. No wonder its not tame at it got shipped in from a animal mill. Also dont force it out of its cage you have to introduce yourself to it slowly. You can learn how to do that here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KRrEPZR5iVc Ditto to what jaycriae said...