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  1. Terekins

    Veg*n Vegan cheese, butter, creamcheese.

    There is another brand of margarine here that doesn't contain any animal products, it's made by Becel, ( Celebrity maybe?). Most margarines only contain trace amounts of dairy--here anyway. I really like the Toffuti cream cheese! As far as a cheddar or mozerrella-like cheese, I haven't found...
  2. Terekins

    I'm proposing in two weeks

    I was just going to say that! That is SO sweet. I can't wait to hear about how it goes. I'm a hopeless romantic, and unfortunately my boyfriend...is not. He's more of the practical type :) Congratulations!
  3. Terekins

    Act Dead (Photo)

    That's hilarious. Those skinny little legs sticking out! My Sherman will sometimes lay that way when I'm petting her--maybe Vivo wants you to pet her?
  4. Terekins

    Warning: Using towels/washcloths to make tents/hideaways

    Thanks for posting about this. My pigs love playing and sleeping under blankets too. I use small receiving blankets, and they're hemmed, but I will definitely check them regularly for frayed edges.
  5. Terekins

    Homeless hairless baby and friend - Los Angeles area

    Charlotte is the cuttest thing I've seen in a while! She's so ugly but in a cute way :) I just love her. I really really hope they can find a good home. At least they have each other for now.
  6. Terekins

    Veg*n Animal Testing....

    The Body Shop still stands by its stance that it is cruelty free. I like Lush too, but can't afford it on a regular basis. As with Burts Bees, I usually will ask for these products as xmas gifts. A nice supply will last me most of the year :) As for less expensive stuff, here in Canada Lawtons'...
  7. Terekins

    Veg*n Animal Testing....

    I can't even read that, it will just upset me. I try to get products that aren't tested on animals too, and for the most part it isn't too difficult (getting into dish detergent and things like that I find a bit trickier). It bothers me to know that any animal has to go through torture, but...
  8. Terekins

    Post your favorite Piggy names here :)

    I've always loved picking names. My boyfriend named our Sherman (who is a female lol ), and I named Oda thinking it suited his orange colouring. When we had the babies, I had a really hard time chosing names (all girls) , but eventually settled on Sym, Suki and Esther. Sym is the name of a lady...
  9. Terekins

    Piggies favorite foods

    My pigs eat everything I've tried except zucchini. They leave it in a pile for me to take away. Also, I find they get spoiled, so if I give them green pepper every day for a week they start turning their noses to it. If their begging for a treat and I give them something "too ordinary", they'll...
  10. Terekins

    New (guinea pics inside)

    :) She sounds like such a great pig (and a great friend!). Her name suits her too.
  11. Terekins

    Hello everyone!

    How did you do that? I'd love to grow an indoor garden/playground for them, but their cage is already taking up about 1/5 of the apartment :)
  12. Terekins

    Hello everyone!

    Aw their really sweet, and what nice photos. It's so nice that you can let them outside like that!
  13. Terekins

    Itching and Scratching

    Like Fay said, it would be best to see a vet, but I'd say treat him for mites regardless. I just took my Sherman in because of similar problems (plus she had an abscess) and they did tests for mites that all came out clean--sometimes these tests can apparently give false negative results. It...
  14. Terekins

    Preaching to the choir (I hope) - Turtles

    Re: Preaching to the choir (I hope) I thought you were actually posting about singing in a choir, silly me :) Turtles are beautiful animals, and you're right, they're difficult to care for. I've always wondered how many people who own exotic animals (I had a friend who had scorpions for...
  15. Terekins

    Feeling let down

    I'm sorry to hear that. I know how you feel. I will sometimes talk about my pets and I see my friends' eyes glaze over, or they get that look that says "they're just animals...what's wrong with you". I have friends I trust and love, who also like animals, but I know most of them think don't care...
  16. Terekins

    Strange Noise

    I've noticed this too. My Oda does this a lot, and when you look at his mouth while he's doing it, it looks like he's chewing gum.
  17. Terekins

    Veg*n Vegetarian Children & Pets

    Cori Dora, I'm so glad to hear that there are a lot of vegetarians in Ontario! I currently live in Halifax, but am hoping to attend Queens University for grad school, which is in Kingston On. Although there are 2 vegetarian restaurants in Halifax, and I can find most of everything I need at the...
  18. Terekins

    Hi nice to meet you!!

    Welcome to the forum :)
  19. Terekins


    If he's by himself in the cage, maybe he's rumbling (like when they're looking for something/someone to hump). It's a similar sound to purring, but more constant, whereas purring seems to be in waves. Sometimes with rumbling you'll see them walk really slowly or do a little "hula dance".
  20. Terekins

    Double Chin

    You know I've never tried Cavy Cuisine (I mean my pigs haven't, haha, I love cheesy jokes), I usually just make sure to get plain pellets. I'm sure the quality is much better. I'd really like to check out the feed store, would it be the 80 I would take? I live in Fairview :) It's so neat to know...