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  1. widallas

    Home Needed for two boys in VT

    Good news! I think my brother and sister-in-law are willing to serve as surrogate piggie parents -- at least I know my kids will get liberal visitation right!!! They will be topping the cage to cat-proof, but I think the arrangement will work out well.
  2. widallas

    Home Needed for two boys in VT

    I appreciate your suggestions on allergy treatments, etc. Like I said in my email to Amy (of Amiable Animals, where we got L & A), we have been racking our brains for a few weeks now to try and figure out options. Koby's reaction was quite extreme to the skin tests, and I just don't think it's...
  3. widallas

    Home Needed for two boys in VT

    We just got the worst news. Long story short, we had noticed our son was having something of a reaction when he was spending time with Louis and Acorn, the two guinea pigs that we adopted back in May. We hadn't noticed for a while since he hadn't reacted at all to them when we first brought the...
  4. widallas

    Comment by 'widallas' in media 'front view'

    I love the base! Nice cage.
  5. widallas

    HELP!!! I need the truth!

    I use kiln-dried pine for my pigs -- it absorbs odors, is easy to spot clean, and a huge bag costs me $5 from the local feed store. As voodoo said, airing it out significantly reduces the smell. I just keep a huge bin next to the cage filled with shavings, so they are always ready to be used...
  6. widallas

    Comment by 'widallas' in media 'Tig and Tag's Pad'

    I am so jealous! I've tried fleece and litter boxes...ANYTHING so that my boys could have an upper level without shavings, but they are peeing machines.... Nice cage! I like the fiddlesticks hay 'room.'
  7. widallas

    Storing Hay

    As always, thanks Slap for the info!
  8. widallas

    Female Peruvian for adoption in Louisiana

    Oh, why do they bother to fight? To coin a phrase from my favorite Ben & Jerry's ice cream shirt, "Resistence is futile".... Glad to see TWO piggers are on their way to a happy (and excited) home!!!
  9. widallas

    Female Peruvian for adoption in Louisiana

    My son is so completely in love with Angie. He gave me every cent of his allowance to build another cage so we could get a girl if we could get HER. I actually had to take out a map to convince him that Vermont is NOT in between Chicago and Louisiana...not to mention the fact that my hubby...
  10. widallas

    Comment by 'widallas' in media '2X4 Open with second level'

    I actually use it for cleaning -- the handles make it easy to carry to the compost pile, and it holds a weeks worth of piggie poo. They are nice containers, aren't they? I use the cardboard box, tucked under the shelf, for hay, but it's since been moved to the top for easier access.
  11. widallas

    Newspaper Ads or Rescue?

    Why not have her mom contact the people who placed the ad first? Chances are, if it's a case of someone bringing home a pregnant pig from a pet store, the babies will either go back to the store or to a rescue anyways, if not to someone who will use them as "feeders." (Eck, what an awful term.)
  12. widallas

    Storing Hay

    I just got an order of 35 lbs of hay from KM -- good grief, but that's a lot of hay.... I looked over the forums re:storing hay, but have some concerns. 1. I put the hay back in the box it came in, but of course it expanded so it's now in two cardboard boxes. I've left the tops loose and...
  13. widallas

    cavies for the first time

    Hola, Cavy Paulita! Bienvenidos a Cavy Cages. I was in the Peace Corps and lived in Uruguay for two years, and have spent some time in Argentina, especially in the South. You have a beautiful country, and boy do I miss yerba matte! I impressed with your ingenuity -- so many people would...
  14. widallas

    Baby Pigtures at Last!

    They are so cute. I have to admit, I really want to adopt a baby but feel a little overwhelmed between family AND GP upkeep. If you were closer, though, I don't think I could resist!!!
  15. widallas

    Newspaper and Shavings

    I think I'm giving up newspaper in all spots except the inserts -- it's just too stinky, and I like the ease of spot cleaning sans paper. Thanks for the feedback!
  16. widallas

    Newspaper and Shavings

    Do most people line their cages with newspaper and then load up on shavings? He's my dilemma.... When I use newspaper to line the cage, it gives the pigs better traction and is easy to roll up and pitch, but I find that it STINKS because they pee such an ENORMOUS amount after a day or two...
  17. widallas

    Cinnamon is famous!

    That is the kind of picture and story that motivates people to consider rescuing an animal.... Great picture!
  18. widallas

    What type of bedding to use?

    Use the "search forum" box in the upper right of the screen -- there are so many types of bedding available from pine shavings to fleece to carefresh.... Lots of options, based on level of mainenance you want, aesthetics, price, etc. Good luck!
  19. widallas

    Hay in VT

    Just an FYI for anyone in the Burlington/Essex Junction area with guinea pigs -- Boyden Farm in Jeffersonville has really nice hay available. (I just ordered from KM, and wish I'd investigated local sources first since they're 8 miles down the road from me! But, I'm glad to be supporting her...
  20. widallas

    Not sure what to do!

    Getting back to GP2 and her cage..... Another trick with your Dad might be to show him a picture of some cubes, and explain how much easier it is to move and store a C&C cage. Three wire cages are bulky and expensive, where a C&C cage can be made bigger or smaller as needed, is easier to...