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  1. shc1192

    Behavior Stopped wheeking?

    Glad we may have been worrying for nothing :]
  2. shc1192

    Behavior Stopped wheeking?

    Yeah Brego has definitely been going through puberty, and like I said they recently (as in last week) seemed to officially decide that Shadowfax was the dominant one so maybe Brego's a bit put off by that. Everything else seems normal and he had floor time and I held him and he seemed just fine...
  3. shc1192

    Behavior Stopped wheeking?

    Thank you so much!! :]
  4. shc1192

    Behavior Stopped wheeking?

    I have 2 boars. Normally, Brego, the younger one, is very loud and active, and Shadowfax, the older one, is the quieter one. However, for the past 24 hours Brego hasn't been wheeking as much as he usually does. Typically, any time anyone talks to him or gives them food or hay he is wheeking up a...
  5. shc1192

    Chewing My piglets are chewing on EVERYTHING

    Is their cage more than big enough? My Brego chewed on EVERYTHING and both guinea pigs chewed on the bars and coroplast of their 8 square foot cage before we expanded their cage a few days ago to over 12 square feet and added a loft. Since then, they haven't chewed their cage wire at all! Now...
  6. shc1192

    Want a Guinea Pig(s) Any way I can convince my parents to let me adopt a guinea pig in need of TLC??

    I'm 20 but I live with my dad while I'm in college and since I live under his roof I abide by his rules, so, even though I had a job, when I wanted a guinea pig a year and a half ago I had to ask him before I could get one. I did a ton of research, like hours upon hours of research, and I put...
  7. shc1192

    Upper Levels need support ideas for a second level!

    For my loft, we put grids (attached with the plastic things that come with storage cubes and zip ties) underneath the coroplast floor of the loft. We later decided to also add a wooden dowel down the middle for extra support. We attached the dowel to the grids of the cage with zip ties in many...
  8. shc1192

    Size 1.5x3.5? Its all i have room for!

    Do they have to be on your dresser? Mine are on the floor. Also on a dresser it would be hard to access the cage I would imagine unless the dress is very short, although I'm a very short person so my perception of heights may be different. lol Is there any way to move your furniture around and...
  9. shc1192

    Size 1.5x3.5? Its all i have room for!

    Are you sure there's absolutely no way to have a bigger cage? My family lives in a small apartment and my guinea pigs are in my bedroom but today I moved my furniture around and even though my family wasn't sure it could be done I was able to upgrade to a cage that's over 12 square feet and has...
  10. shc1192

    How Many? Sows? How Many? Boars?

    I originally was also leaning towards sows, but when the sows I wanted from a shelter were adopted 2 hours before I got there and I had a fully stocked cage at home all set up, I decided to adopt a boar. I have 2 boars now. All guinea pigs might fight, regardless of gender. Mine had a short...
  11. shc1192

    Dominance One sister keeps trying to mount the other sister :(

    It's completely normal. Just give it time. It can take a while for them to figure everything out. I know it can be uncomfortable, but they need to do it (among other weird acts) to figure out dominance.
  12. shc1192

    Bonding How Long Do You Hold Your Pigs?

    Shadowfax will stay about 20-30 minutes. Brego will only stay for 10 minutes max before he starts to squirm, he's very active and always wants to be moving around
  13. shc1192

    Blankets U-Haul: Furniture Pads or Quilted Pads???

    The furniture ones are the right ones! :]
  14. shc1192

    Fighting There was bloodshed after sudden fighting, but things seem fine now?

    Aw thanks! Me too obviously haha! :D
  15. shc1192

    Fighting There was bloodshed after sudden fighting, but things seem fine now?

    Thanks for replying so quickly! I will definitely go forward with the expansions then and see if it helps. I love them both and I will try anything to make them happier. They were getting along so well before, I'm hoping they can get along again. :\
  16. shc1192

    Fighting There was bloodshed after sudden fighting, but things seem fine now?

    My boar Shadowfax is almost a year and a half old. A few months ago, we finally got him a cagemate named Brego! Brego is younger than Shadowfax. We quarantined, and then started doing introductions in a neutral area. They went great! There was some chattering and mounting but no fighting. After...
  17. shc1192

    Are these toys safe ?

    A bit late replying to this, but craft stores sell unpainted and unvarnished letter blocks for people to paint, so that's the first place I would look! :) They sell other wooden things too, but be careful of items that have pieces that a guinea pig could choke on, or items that are thin enough...
  18. shc1192

    Adopting Finally getting a friend for Shadowfax!

    Thanks!!!! :D
  19. shc1192

    Adopting Finally getting a friend for Shadowfax!

    It'll be something LotR related! I'll have to see what name feels right when I meet him. :]
  20. shc1192

    Adopting Finally getting a friend for Shadowfax!

    Yes! Haha :) Thanks!