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  1. Susan9608

    Rabbits Neglected Rabbit! What do I do?!

    Yikes - how awful for the poor bunny. Personally, I wouldn't bother trying to have your parents talk to her parents, who will then talk to your friend. Presumably her parents have *some* idea of what's going on in their own house (and weren't they the ones who purchased the flea and tick...
  2. Susan9608

    "Pet" peeves

    I've enjoyed this thread. My big "pet" peeve is animals dressed as people. It just creeps me out. Another "pet" peeve I have is when people call their dogs their children. Again, it weirds me out.
  3. Susan9608


    Thank you! Wow there have been a lot of changes here.
  4. Susan9608

    Rabbits Rabbit Naive!

    Meant to say in my other post - Inle-Rabbit - I LOVE your user name. I really wanted to name our bunny Bigwig or Hazel, but my kiddo took great pride in naming the bunny himself.
  5. Susan9608

    Rabbits Rabbit Naive!

    Awesome! Thanks so much for the suggestions. Also, when having floor time, Hoppy likes to eat the cat food. Any reason why she shouldn't? Any specific vegetables I need to make sure she gets? I've been trying different things with her, but I don't want to miss anything. Anything she...
  6. Susan9608

    Rabbits Rabbit Naive!

    Good to hear from you Paula. As far as the dig boxes, do you put anything in the cardboard box? Or do they just dig at the cardboard itself? I'll look into the cardboard at scratchers - thanks for the suggestion. (and I didn't think it was necessary to specify this, but since you mentioned...
  7. Susan9608

    Rabbits Rabbit Naive!

    My kiddo received a rabbit as a present for Easter. I know, I know. But I've always wanted a rabbit, too, and now that we have her, I'd like it to be a good experience for all involved. Unfortunately, I no next to nothing about rabbits. Is there a brand of food that's preferable to any...
  8. Susan9608


    I'm not exactly a new member, but it's been about 3 years since I've actively participated on the forum. I don't recognize any names, and I'm sure no one will remember me, so I thought I'd re-introduce myself. My name is Susan. I'm 34, live in Texas, and am an RN by profession. I've been a...
  9. Susan9608

    Happy Birthday to our Mod Susan

    Thank you all! I had a very happy b-day. In addition to being 31, I am also 10 weeks pregnant! That's the best b-day present I could ask for.
  10. Susan9608

    Blog Raccoon Babies in my Wall!

    T - we have raccoons in our chimney, a whole family of them. They drive the cats and the dog crazy, because we can hear them moving around and squealing and such. Not sure how to get rid of them. They come back year after year. Last year, we put some peppermint oil in the bottom of the...
  11. Susan9608


    Chinchillas should *not* be put into exercise balls. The small, confined space can cause them to overheat and die of heat stroke. Exercise wheels are only appropriate if they are larger than 15" diameter, as any smaller causes the chins' backs to bend in an unnatural way. Wheels also need to...
  12. Susan9608


    I had chinchillas for many years and found them to be great pets. Pet Chinchillas | PetChinchillas.info This site has a great care guide that can help you determine if a chin is right for you and covers some of the basics regarding caging and nutrition. C&C cages are not generally considered...
  13. Susan9608

    Can anyone answer this question about "companion" pythons?

    Did this individual seek you out to ask you for help? Or did you offer? I ask because if you don't know anything about "companion" pythons then why would you be offering assistance to someone? Perhaps this can be a reality check that if you do NOT have the requisite expertise regarding a...
  14. Susan9608

    Breeding Conflicting Beleifs

    This is totally off-topic, but Cagney, I just loved this. :):):) I don't remember the last time I laughed so hard. Oh would that it be true! Can you imagine the family relationships if you actually had a right to not be bothered? (sidenote: I'm not talking about the restraining order type...
  15. Susan9608

    My new dream house

    Yeah, more and more people are moving to TX, especially Dallas. The recession hasn't hit here as hard as it has most places, and property is at a decent price, so people are coming in droves. Of course, there are downsides .... TX weather sucks. We're right in the middle of both Tornado alley...
  16. Susan9608

    My new dream house

    Ha - I'll have a huge house warming party when we move. I'll invite all the guineapigcages folk. But here's the other one we're considering. Considerably cheaper, but majorly freaky (in a good way). Check it out: 7507 Baxtershire Drive Dallas, Tx 75230-2403 - Dallas Real Estate, Fort Worth...
  17. Susan9608

    My new dream house

    We're house hunting. I LOVE this house. It's got all original wood from 1958, it's got a flat roof (love that) and it's very modern on the inside. Plus, it's laid out kind of like a maze, which is very cool. No carpet either. What do you think? 11535 Hillcrest Rd Dallas, Tx 75230 - Dallas...
  18. Susan9608

    My imagination or small earthquake just now?

    I'm glad you're all right. I've never understood how property can be so valuable (meaning expensive) there in SF when it's right over a fault line. <sigh> My husband and I always said that after "the big one" hits, the property value will drop, and then we can move there.
  19. Susan9608

    Cat Food

    That's exactly what my fat cat does - bug me for more food ALL THE TIME. Thanks for the links and ideas.
  20. Susan9608

    Cat Food

    Thanks! From all the links I've looked at, it seems like canned food is recommended, but I don't see that as a long term solution. Wellness seems to be a good deal, but I can't recall seeing it in any of the stores we frequent. I wonder if I'll have to order it online or if a store would...